10 easy techniques to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2020

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Mar 21, 2018
1. Post Useful Content Consistently
This is one of the most difficult things to do as a content creator.
If you have a look around YouTube you might think that every video under the sun has been created and that is most likely true, but you can put your own spin on a popular topic.

For example, there are many “unboxing” tech videos…what if you created a “reboxing” and talk about the various components of tech while you put it back in the box?
The key here is creativity and that will certainly increase subscriptions.

2. Name Your Videos Strategically
One of the most difficult things is to name your video. You have the name in your head, but it may be something complex or too long.
My rule is to keep it basic and use the YouTube autocomplete to name the video.
There is nothing wrong with your video having the same name or something close to a popular video, as long as it’s relevant.

3. Spruce Up Your Channel Design
Most viewers first impression of you is from your channel and your design.
This is where visitors interact and get to know what you are about. Create a engaging header and indicate your brand.
On my channel, we were intentional about our design making it fit into our overall branding strategy. The key takeaway is to design with purpose.

4. Show Your Lighter Side
Lighten up and laugh at yourself. Bloopers make you more human and show something different than an ordinary talking head video.
Also, switch up the video and catch your viewers off guard so they don’t know what to expect.

5. Shoot In Various Locations
I believe that shooting in various locations can lead to more interest.
I understand that may not be possible or you could have a set, but try to change a background or even use a green screen.
Like the cliché says, “variety is the spice of life” so mix it up with your backgrounds and locations.

6. Design A Interesting Thumbnail
I have seen my subscriptions and views increase by adding this step.
I use impact font that is seen on many internet photos to grab attention and I format the photo using Adobe Photoshop.
I usually title the photo thumbnail differently than the video because when people are scrolling through other videos to view, they can easily tell what my video is about.

7. Using Annotations
Annotations are those annoying things that pop up during videos, but they can be a content creator’s dream.
I add annotations to every video and make it easy by creating a link for them to subscribe.
This is extra work, but once you see your subscription rate increase you will continue to add them to every video.

8. Achieve Real Views and Subscribers
You can get a lot of views and subcribers this way , they’re real subscribers but they won’t always be worthwhile views .
If you’re going to purchase views , make sure you’re actually getting real views , and that the views actually lasts .
YouTube will filter out fraudulent views, subscribers and drop them , decreasing your watch time by however long the view was , and can even penalize your channel if they think you’re buying bad views .

I think you need help from THIS ONE. It provides a large amount of views and real active, non-drop subscribers for your channels I have used it, the result is very amazing.

So, it’s always my first choice to recommend to everyone.

9. Be Yourself
You are the best you—you can be. Being on camera was difficult for me at first because I compared myself to others who are natural on camera talent then I realized,
“I just have to be me.” Let your personality shine in your videos and I guarantee someone will connect with you.

10. Create An Engaging Channel Trailer
With the new channel design, YouTube gives content creators a great opportunity to create a trailer to share what your content is about.
Have you ever attended a movie without viewing a trailer? Not me, because you want to see what it is about.

Keep your trailer under 90 seconds and show scenes from your other videos and provide a strong call to action of why a viewer should become a subscriber.