18 Ways To Acquire First 100K Users With Zero Marketing Budget

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Dec 22, 2017
#1 Make a great product but y'all know that so I'll just dive into the tactics

#2 Create your target marketing sheet.

#3 Partner with similar companies and create benefit for them to email their free users

#4 Reach out to offline Meetup groups who generally have 200-1,000 person mailing lists

#5 Befriend owners of Facebook pages and see if you can do contests for an in-kind trade

#6 Go to the /subreddit (Page on Reddit) related to your business and leave comments

#7 Search 5-10 keywords related to you on Google and leave comments on those related pages.

#8 Give away free content or ask partners

#9 Go write guest posts for any site that's related. Use Technorati or ask your existing customers which sites they like to go to.

#10 Email the existing users you have asking for them to refer other people. This sounds obvious but hardly ANYONE does it. It helps if your product doesn't suck a*s.

#11 Leave video responses on popular-related YouTube Videos

#12 Manually reach out and connect with your first 1000 customers. More likely they are MORE important than then 99,000 next people you'll get

#13 Raise your prices so you don't need to get so many people :)

#14 Manually reach out to Twitter / Facebook followers of your competitors

#15 Look at new channels that have less competition (rules) like snapchat, pinterest, instagram to drive traffic

#16 Consider going international where traffic is cheaper (okay, you're not paying but you know what I'm saying)

#17 Evaluate doing mobile related marketing since it's more affordable (less competition)

#18 Get your site featured on http://AppSumo.com, DailyWorth.com, Thrillist, DailyCandy, Groupon or some site that promotes others.