2 New Tricks to Hack a WiFi Password Using Your Android Phone

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Dec 22, 2017
Here are two tricks that works anytime there's a good signal Wi-Fi around you.

No. 1

I am sharing an easy trick on “Connecting a WIFI without password with WPS Connect apk using Android”.

Before Getting Started:

You need to Root your Android Device. For How to Root Android Safely, Check this post.

  1. Download WPS Connect.apk . Search it on Google ;)
  2. Install and Open the App.
  3. Click on the Refresh button like shown below.
5.Wait until scanning is complete.

6. After the WIFI Network is discovered click on it like shown below.

7. Select one of the PIN and Click “Try PIN”.

8. Wait until it says “Connected”. If fails Try another PIN.

9. After successful connection, Click Option > Show Password like shown below.

10. VOILA! Now it will display all the SSID and Passwords of the Connected WIFI Networks. ENJOY!!

No 2.

If you can not crack Wi-Fi password using Android phone.

Here’s a reality, try this:

  1. WiFi phishing → wifiphisher/wifiphisher
  2. If point #1 is unsuccessful read below:
You can not crack Wi-Fi (WLAN AP) password. It’s doesn’t matter which system you use Mobile Phone or Desktop, rooted/ non-rooted etc.

Just don’t waste your time seeing or reading nonsense articles on how to crack password using Kali Linux etc.

WLAN Access Points authentication is done via advanced encryption schemes (AES) like WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)/ WPA2 with TKIP (Temp Key Integrity Protocol) etc. What you think you can break this RC4 stream cipher which is used with a 128-bit per-packet key which is created dynamically and generates a new key for each packet. Simply ridiculous.

Many tools are available like aircrack-ng which use brute force technique to guess the password based on dictionary. This requires lots of CPU power and time — up-to years together to guess password. Modern routers often block such iterative attempts and block for some time.

So, just forget to break others Wi-Fi password.
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