3 Ways Your Facebook Account Can Be Hacked

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Dec 22, 2017
There are many methods hackers use to gain access to other peoples Facebook accounts, or any other accounts for that matter. I will briefly explain you the 3 most well known ones.

Number 1 . Phishing - The attacker basically creates a page similar to the Facebook login page, only it is hosted on his server. When the victim logs in on the login page, all the credentials he used go straight to the hacker.

Number 2. Online Password cracking - There are two main methods of online password cracking. One of them is called dictionary attack, and in order to do it you need to have a txt list either with popular possible passwords (such as rockyou.txt) or a list with passwords that you have created and believe the victim might be using (One program that creates such lists is: MichaelDim02/PAX on Github) Then you use a program like THC Hydra or Pulse by Ethical-H4ck3r to crack down the password. The other method is known as Bruteforcing and it’s basically trying combinations of letters, symbols and numbers (characters)

Number 3. Keylogger - There are two kinds of keyloggers: the device and the software. In order to use the software you need to install it on the users computer or make them install it (with some form of social engineering) and to use the device you need physical access to the computer while the victim is away. Either way, the keylogger will capture every key tapped by the user and send it to you with an email (most of the times). That way you have access to everything the user types, including passwords.

I hope you learnt something? Follow me for latest updates.