5 Strong Ways To Generate Leads To Your Blog/Websites

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May 1, 2018
Generating new leads for your business is HARD, especially when nobody knows who you are and you and you don’t have much money to invest.

If you don’t have much money as you say, you’ll have to compensate with hard work and original thinking.

Let’s start!

1. Your Blog

Content is still king. By writing great blog posts you can share your knowledge and expertise with your audience. If they find it valuable, they’ll leave comments, ask questions and share it, which is going to generate new traffic and leads for your business.

2. Guest Blogging

By writing guest blog posts you reach potential customers that are following other blogs in your niche-market. You get to expand your audience and gain social proof, especially if the blogs you write for have more followers than you do, without paying a dime.

3. SEO

SEO is important: write your content as you were answering your audience’s questions.

To study how your ideal customers are looking to find solutions to their problem you can either check Google Keyword Planner or use tools such as SEMrush to investigate different semantic options, your competitors’ best keywords and some other topic-related keywords to sprinkle into your piece of content.

4. Online Communities

Find communities or social platforms where to share your best tips and insights, such as Quora or Reddit. Write useful comments and make sure to curate your profile with a link to your landing pages.

5. Facebook Lead Ads

I know you said small or no budget, but this a cheap and effective advertising tool at your disposal. Facebook Lead Ads is designed to collect leads specifically on Facebook: with its pre-filled opt-in forms, optimized for mobile navigation, you can generate a lot of leads for just a few bucks.