6 Ways To Get Insane Traffic To Your Blog In A Month

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Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
Let me share some great tips that has worked for me over the years.

No doubt, blogging is now one of the best ways to earn money, build your profile (even your C.V) and popularity. Hence to be recognized among thousands of bloggers in your niche, your site traffic is important so as to reach your targeted audience. Apart from having a blog that looks yummy, dishing out good contents and blog layout efforts, getting readers to know you and read your great contents is the key.

I know many people are only used to blogging platforms like Blogspot and Wordpress, they don't know that popular sites like Medium, Tumbler and Quora are great websites to run your blog and directly get insane traffic because of the millions and billions of users recorded monthly. The sites i mentioned are the most popular social engaging sites that will set your blogs for SEO. These blogging sites are SEO friendly and it will send sitemaps & will index your contents to the GOOGLE or YAHOO search engines.

Medium especially won't record your articles as a duplicated contents to GOOGLE or and search engine which i know is the fear of most bloggers when sharing their contents on other platforms.

Quora in a way is massive, like a advanced kind of a forum. You give answer to a question you have a good knowledge of and if the readers find you profound, they UPVOTE your answer and you get more readers to the answers because each upvote leaves a notification to the followers of the upvoter. Maybe soon i will share with you how i got my first 100+ views on quora within few days with an additional daily traffic of 500 views from Quora on a new blog.

Truth is, some of the contents some bloggers are clamoring front-page for won't have 1000 views on other blogging platforms.

Let me quickly show you some other great insane ways to get traffic to you blog/website within a month.

1. Be A Guest Contributor

Nigerian bloggers are selfish with their tiny traffic. Linking to you is even considered a huge favor. That's a shame! From my experience as a blogger to a startups creator/investor, one would think as the years rolls, the blogging sphere in Nigeria should be growing. Blogging as a word should NOT be mandatorily done by you except it's a personal dairy kinda blog. The bloggers in enlightened countries are doing great because of content exchange and promotions. But in Nigeria, most bloggers automatically sees your guest post as sponsorship post which leave a lot of concern if we truly understand blogging in Nigeria.

I will explain how this works. Depending on your relationship with your network blogger, you can have a profile of your own with your new article link, social handles embedded in it and that makes you a guest writer or a contributor, whatever name the blog is using to identify someone like you.


You send in your best contents occasionally for publishing and there would be a bottom credit given to you as the writer of the content and if no credit is allowed maybe an internal link should do justice.


NOTE: Make sure the blog you've chosen to do guest post for has a pretty good traffic more than yours. That way your effort will be rewarding.

Don't disturb yourself checking blogs one by one if they allow guest posts. Just input any of these queries below in Google search and you will find blogs that accepts guest post for a specific KEYWORD and your chosen NICHE. That's pretty good, right?

keyword intitle:”write for us”

keyword intitle:”write for me”

Keyword intitle:”contribute to”

Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

Keyword “submit a guest post”

Keyword inurl:/guest-post/

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest post by”

Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Keyword “guest post guidelines”

Keyword “guest author”

Keyword “guest article”

Keyword “guest column”

Keyword “become a contributor”

inpostauthor:guest keyword

inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword

inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword

2. Share Your Posts on Social Media

There is a way social media works with posts sharing. In fact there are two ways: You GROW your social media accounts one by one to be good enough for sharing your contents and a hope of having people clicking to read OR you search for pages, groups, hashtags that's related to your post and share it with them. Whichever way, you will still get traffic.

The reason Nigerian bloggers are not doing fine on social media is because they want to grow all social media account all at once. It's never done that way, you pick one for a month, grow it to about 1000 - 5000 likes or FOLLOWERS then you move onto the next. I found this helpful in regards to that, HOW TO GROW YOUR TWITTER AND GET 500 FOLLOWERS DAILY.

There are millions of readers on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every single day, that are ready to follow your blog or business. To be successful with social media campaigns, you need to understand social trends and what's peculiar with a particular platform. For example, hashtag and mention is a twitter thing, love-like button is an instagram thing. You should know the effective feature or tools that works and apply it for trending subjects. Personally using twitter hashtags and geo-trending words, i get over 500 daily visits.

Also SHARE your post more often, someone who needs your contents might not be online when you share it first, so you need to share again BUT not every mins or hour kinda thing. You intertwine the posts.

3. Use Forum Marketing

Blackhatnaija and Nairaland would be the focus here on this topic. Both are DoFollow backlinker, they pass the SEO juice around. Yet, many bloggers are not aware that DoFollow juice is only recorded ONCE for search engines. Your 1 link for traffic has already passed the DoFollow juice for your SEO, now posting your links regularly or on almost every page is foolishness. It will harm your Offpage SEO and search engine ranking. In simple terms, too much of everything (juice is bad. That's it.)

You might be reading this for the first time, that's because many SEO experts writing SEO articles concentrates on only ONpage SEO and few OFFpage experts doesn't do research or analyze SEO data. I concentrate on both.

Now that you know, lets get down to the benefits and how you can generate insane traffic.

The biggest struggle with getting blog traffic is being able to find where exactly the target audience is. In this case forum marketing has proven to be a great solution that’s extremely effective, allowing you to engage in conversations and answer questions, linking to your content whenever appropriate. You can even build relationships with members of your target audience and do some networking also.

Unfortunately almost 90% of Nigerian bloggers are on the entertainment and news niche so the hustle for traffic is do or die. But shout out to the fashion, relationship, auto and health bloggers still keeping it going with the moderate traffic they get daily.

It's a WIN-WIN situation, every forum needs contents to survive, so once you share your good contents, you keep a forum running while you earn your moderate traffic.


4. Use Additional Post Publishing Platforms

Like i noted earlier, there are other good site with great traffic to upload your posts. Like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora where you can republish your contents, they have a large readership who can find your posts based on their own interests, tags, groups and reading history.

Medium even lets you upload posts directly from your blog with just a few clicks, and gives proper attribution so you won’t get dinged by Google and that's cool. Only medium does this.

So to get a good measure of traffic and acceptable inbound link for SEO, i'd advised you upload the content on your blog first, and then republish it on the platforms of your choice. You only need to make sure you have links to other posts back on your site throughout this content, and you can send traffic to the rest of your posts, too.


There are several ways people search for informations online. For example on Google, you can get info via WEB, IMAGES, NEWS, VIDEO etc. Some Google are not looking for contents but images that's related to the contents, this is where image optimization comes in and i must tell you that a lot of bloggers are missing out on this source of traffic.

However, there are a number of things to consider that could be affecting the visibility of this image:

1. Structured data / schema markup – on this page the image has been included in JSON-LD structured data

2. Image title – make sure the image title includes your keyword

3. Image alt tag – make sure the alt tag includes your keyword

4. The image needs to represent the search query

5. The image in this case is also the Open Graph image (og:image)

6. Invest Your Time on Keyword Research

In 2018, keyword research has changed. Gone are the days where bloggers do keyword stuffing and then calculating keyword density to know the number of times a keyword appears in the contents. Google don't do that anymore.

The RankBrain algorithm of Google is dropping site like never before and a new code name is coming out soon to ensure most relevant contents are on Google's first page. As someone skilled in SEO, in my research i have found out that the common trend of most 1st - 3rd results on google's first pages is the length of the contents; they're mostly 1700 - 2000 words long. As far as Google is concerned, the more you write, the more you're seen as an AUTHORITY in the said content. So any blogger that can't write or type long should forget about competitive keywords and think of 2nd page or last page on Google ranking.

Also use Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel for your keyword research. I use it too. Most keyword tools out there are not free and they come with monthly bills but Neil is doing a great job and by July there are some great features that would be added to Ubersuggest and hopefully many MOZ, Ahref users will come on Ubersuggest. It's just too good to be free.

The old system that still works till now is LONG TAIL KEYWORDS, make sure you go for this type of keywords for good organic traffic. I really can't pour out all my knowledge here but i hope i've been able to help someone. You can also read 25 Fast Ways To Increase the Traffic on Your Blog

Let me add this quickly, in DECEMBER 2017, Google made an update to how search results appears on pages, they even placed the url links above the title tag and then followed by meta description.

Also they increase the title length that is displayed in search results. The new title length is approximately 70 characters before Google will truncate it with “…”. This is an increase of 10-15 characters, which is pretty significant.

Meta description lengths up to 320 character length would include any spaces are being displayed on desktop in search snippets without being truncated. Remember that you will need to take mobile search results into account so you will need to make sure your meta description makes sense in the first 120 - 160 characters too.

It's also good you know that for CTR sake, Google reverse it in last month MAY 2018. To the usual 155 characters. But the thing now is that BOTH 155 and 320 characters for meta descriptions are right BUT GOOGLE IS NO LONGER CONSIDERING YOUR META DESCRIPTION AS A SOURCE FOR SEARCH RESULT. That's the modern truth! If you have it, fine, if you don't have it fine. The bot now automatically creates snippets for your webpages as related to the contents on your page.


Let me stop here, the SEO research continues, i will share more contents with you as updates goes on. Make sure you're getting clean traffic.

Reply with your question. I will answer all. Go for that insane traffic now, it's possible!