6 Ways To Promote Your Blog For More Traffic

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Mar 21, 2018
Almost any social network can be effectively used to promote your blog if done correctly.

1) You can write and publish on LinkedIn and link to your blog at the end and/or within your post (linking to other in-depth topic coverage).

2) You can answer questions on Quora and point to your blog for similar content and link to your blog in your profile.

3) You can blog on Medium and link each post back to your blog (similar tactic as LinkedIn).

4) You can most certainly use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to post contents linking back to your blog. (An image, a quote, a passage, a link, anything that suits your audience).

5) Make infographics and slide presentations. You can use SlideShare to promote your blog as well. Likewise, Infographics will do very well to bring you high volume of quality traffic.

6) Lastly, you can engage on forums and comment on other blogs which fall in your niche or domain. This will also help you gain valuable back links from these domains in your niche which will help your blog's google rank. Also, the most valuable thing here is the relationships you would build with other bloggers. If done right, you'll do excellent. Better than the rest 90% of blogs out there.
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