81 Sure Ways Nigerians Can Make Money Online

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Web Hosting
May 1, 2018

Let me quickly tell you that most of these make money online programs works perfectly in Nigeria. When it comes to making money online that is something we all want to do and there is so much out there it is hard to decide where to start or what to do. Below are some resource to help you get started making money.

The first category we will cover to make money online is Freelancing. Freelancing can be done if you can write , program do graphic design, customer service, transcription, or any other skill set you have that you can offer to others.

  1. On Fiverr you can offer a wide variety of your skills for $5 or more. You can also combine the services into packages for a set price higher than $5 in addition to adding on extra gigs so you get the true value for you work . For web designers prices can get in the $100’s
  2. Envato Studio is geared toward designers, developers, photographers, illustrators & producers
  3. People per hour you can post a list of predefined tasks you are willing to do for a set price
  4. Behance is a creative work freelancing site
  5. Guru is a very large freelancing site with over 1.5 million “gurus” in the areas of technology, creative, or business projects
  6. Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs similar to Guru with a focus on technology and creative design
  7. Upwork is another great choice for freelancing. Upwork was formerly elance and odesk which were very active and highly respected freelance sites with higher paying jobs . They also take information security very seriously.
  8. 99designs The #1 marketplace for graphic design, including logo design, web design and other design contests
  9. Textbroker is a freelance site is for writers and usually produces a good flow of steady work
Next is Affiliate Marketing. This is basically where you make money online recommending other people’s products. All you do is get your affiliate link in front of people interested in a product or service and when they buy you get a commission on every sale. In general when it comes to affiliate marketing it’s a good idea to promote items that you like and enjoy. It makes this a very rewarding experience.

10 . ClickBank is one of the largest marketplaces for digital goods and has very reliable payments having paid over 2 billion dollars to their publishers and affiliates over the last 10 yrs. This is a great starting point for affiliate marketing and you can make up to 75% per sale.

Be sure to tell me what has or hasn’t worked for you in the comment box below.
May 1, 2018
11.With Bluehost you can make up to $65 per sale they are a reliable web host that pays.

12.Apple Affiliate Program offers a commission promoting iTunes apps, movies or any other digital product apple sells.

13. With the Ebay Partner Network the best niches would be high-tech, electronics, expensive collectibles etc. Definitely something worth looking into.

14.Amazon Associates has longevity in the affiliate marketing arena and they will pay up to 8.5% per sale.

15.Commission Junction very similar to click bank.

16. HostGator is another web host that pays up to $125 in commissions.
Crafts are another great way to make money . You can turn your passion or hobby into something profitable. Here are a few online sites where you can Sell Crafts, Art and Other Handmade Items.17. Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces to sell your handmade items. On a side note you can also sell vintage items on this site.

18. Ebay has been around for a while and another great option for your handmade items

19.Art Fire is very similar to Etsy

20.Craigslist has an arts and crafts section and tends to work better selling locally in large metropolitan areas

21.Cafe Press is the place for designers to get printed on t-shirts, mugs, and posters

22. Zazzle is for the fashionistas and is more of a clothing based marketplace for designers

23.Folksy is the UK’s version on Etsy

CPA Marketing is similar to affiliate marketing except you get paid when someone performs an action which is often free for the user. Such as getting an insurance quote, signing up for a website, or requesting information online.

24. Offervault is a search engine For CPA offers including most of the major players you can sort by category, network, or payout amount

25. Maxbounty offers weekly payments and a wide selection of offers

26. Global wide media is a data driven global digital marketer

27.Peer Fly another reputable network

28.Above All Offers is also an industry leader that is well respected

29.CPA DNA has great affiliate support

Content revenue sharing is when you put your content on an authority site that has a steady stream of traffic and you get paid for it

30. On hub pages you can create articles and monetize them with Adsense, EBay, and a handful of other sites
May 1, 2018
31.Digital Journal is slightly harder to get in but there is a lot of traffic on this site

32.YouTube Partner Program you can create viral videos and monetize them you will receive a portion of the revenue they bring in

33.Best Reviewer offers generous revenue sharing

Video Marketing is a great business opportunity and some people are making full time salaries from just YouTube videos. The key to doing well with video marketing is providing tremendous value to whoever is watching and in addition if you get a loyal following you can drive traffic to anywhere you want i.e. an affiliate offer or your own website

  1. YouTube carries lots of traffic. If you make a channel make sure your channel has a niche with lots of updates.
  2. AOL On is a tutorial focused video site.
  3. Meta Cafe ,another video sharing site.
  4. Vimeo is also good place to upload your video for more views.
Site Flipping is when you buy a site low and flip it for a higher price

38. Flippa this is a leading marketplace for buying and selling websites and an overall great place to browse to get an idea of what site flipping is all about.

39.Warrior Forum another place to site flip.

40. Sedo is where you can buy and sell domains mostly but this site is open to selling websites also.

41.Website broker.com vary similar site to Flippa.

42.Digital Point not as well known and you have to be a tad bit more careful if you are not quite sure what you are doing.

hen you decide to blog you should blog about something that you are passionate about which makes it a very rewarding experience.

43. WordPress a very popular Content management software that makes it very easy to start a blog

44.Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content

45.Woo Themes themes are premade and customizable designs for WordPress

46. Godaddy Leader in domain name registration

47. Bluehost reliability, speed and one click installation of WordPress

Q&A basically answer questions and get paid for it

48. You can register on Live Person as an expert and start getting paid by answering questions via phone, email , or a live chat

49. Just Answer is one of the most popular Q&A sites and requires credentials and degrees to help get you more money per answer

50.Ether is similar to just answer except that you would be delivering your answers mostly over the phone, but you do get to set your rates.

Paid Surveys are an easy way to make money online. It can be very time consuming so don’t expect a full time salary . My Survey is one of the better paid survey sites.

52. Cashcrate is a survey site that consistently has survey invites

53.Global Test Market is a trusted leader in the survey industry.

54. Tellwut is a newer survey site but has somewhat decent earnings.

55. My View is another respected survey panel

56. NPD Group isn’t as active as the other ones but good to have around

Swagbucks , which is not pictured is also a survey site. On Swagbucks you complete activities such as watching videos, taking surveys, or playing games to get points or “Swagbucks” and after you get a certain amount you get gift cards.

PPC Marketing helps you drive traffic to your site, but Be cautious though because costs can add up so set a budget plan and don’t go over that budget.

57. Google Adwords is one of the most popular PPCnetworks. They are very competitive so expect to spend a little, but generally the quality of the Adword traffic is second to none.

58. With so many people on Facebook why not use it to advertise and get your product or service out there to a targeted group of individuals.

59. Bing Ads is similar to Google Adwords and the ads you place run on Yahoo and Bing search engines

60. Chitika PPCmarketing company is similar to Bing and Google

61. Bidvertiser allows your ads to get displays on sites that you choose ahead of time

62. Clicksor is a contextual advertising network

63. Info links displays unique “links when someone clicks your ad

64. Prosper202 PPC is a tracking software. A must have for anyone serious about PPC

When you have a list of subscribers keep them informed ,up to date and engaged with email marketing. Just make sure you don’t spam and make sure that it is easy for subscribers to opt out if they want64. Aweber is a popular email service provider and is a great resources for those just starting out with email marketing.

65.Vertical Response offers simple email templates with social media management integration.

66.Constant Contact is great for small businesses and offers a standard email along with customer surveys, daily deals and event management.

67. Mailchimp offers a free plan with Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month great for starting out.

68. iContact is considered an Award-Winning Email Marketing with over 1,000,000 Users. They offer Email Marketing, Email Templates, Surveys and Events as well as the option to Create, send, and track newsletters . They are very Easy to Use with Expert Support and Real-Time Reporting.

69.Get Response is also another reliable and trusted email solution.

Next is Investing & Lending. This is a very risky way to make money online and i would definitely say to proceed with caution, however it can be very rewarding and be a good passive income source online.

70. Lending Club can easily help you make a 10% return by following the advice the site has to offer

71. Prosper is a peer to peer lending source.

72. Etrade has great research tools.

73. Zopa is UK’s top peer to peer lender.

74. Scottrade has top notch free investing resources that make it easy to automate monthly investing.

Create a Membership site if you can provide a value to a niche market.Setting up a membership site may be ideal and help get you a recurring income month after month.You will need to put some work into this to keep your subscribers happy so you don’t lose them.

75. WishList is a WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a fully functioning membership site with ease.

76. Magic Members is another recommended plug in.

77.Paypal is definitely a must have for membership sites. You can easily set up monthly payments that are drawn from the user’s Paypal balance bank or credit card.

78. Optimize press is a software that helps you to create landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites with ease it easily integrate with most of the popular membership site plugins on the market.

79. 1 Shopping Cart an awesome shopping cart solution with built in affiliate tools.

80. Joomla is mobile ready and user friendly. When building your website. You can choose from thousands of features and designs Joomla is free and open source and they also make it easy to create a membership site.

81. Kajabi is a solid infrastructure for membership site creation that integrates with click bank and other top payment processors.

Of course there are plenty of other websites out there to make money online, but I definitely hope this information I have provided has been helpful and gets you pointed in the right direction.