9mobile Free Browsing Via UC Mini Handler & Melon VPN

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Dec 22, 2017
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This tweak comprises of 2 apps isn't it weird or somehow? But it's good since melon VPN can't power all app, But if it powers yours then keep enjoying yours while it last...
✅Mobile phone
✅9mobile sim with 0.0k bal
✅Strong 3g network
✅Melon VPN✒✒ Download here
✅UC Mini handler✒✒ Download here
✅ First go to settings >> more>> mobile network>> Access point Name and configure as follows
* Name: BHN
* APN: 9mobile
* APN Type: default, supl
*Proxy: blank
* Port: blank
* Bearer: Unspecified or LTE
✅ Lunch Melon vpn and connect. Once you are connected go to the next step
✅Open uc mini handler and configure. see below
* Device user agent: Default
* Web user-agent: Safari
* Tick remove port
* Proxy type: Real host
* Custom header: X-Online-Host
* Proxy sever: 9mobile or etisalat.com
* Real proxy type: Inject or HTTP
* Real proxy port: 80, 8081, 8080 or 3128
* Then hit save...

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