A Better Nigeria: Forlorn hope or possible reality?

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Do you see a better Nigeria in 10 years time

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Dec 29, 2017
Let's forget about the government, what about the grassroot?

You crave for a better Nigeria but your neighbour's phone is dead, as in, out of battery (0%) and yours is charging at 68%. You can see the desperation in his eyes but he has nothing and you know. What stops you from helping him, sacrificing your goal to make 100% to bring joy to the face of another but you are waiting for him to ask and what about when he even summons the courage to ask, what do you say?
"No no no...My phone's not full yet. Wh y don't you have yours? No remove ma phone o"

And you blame the leaders at the top for their selfish nature but you are actually one of them; Agents propagating the gospel of corruption.
Yet, you dream of a better Nigeria.

You aspire for a better Nigeria but you suddenly inflate the fare for transport when you witness a sea of heads queuing at the bus stop in the rain late at night, desperate to reach their various homes using any means...you exploit them, take advantage of the situation...

For a bus that is N100
"Oshodi! Oshodi! Enter with your N150 change oooo. 1000, 500 don't enter ooo"
They scream in anger and disagreement, some, out of pity, begging you to have mercy, reduce the price but what is your response?
"The bus is N150. If you are not satisfied, don't enter. Na 150 everybody dey carry am. Get down from my Moto."

In the end, they have no choice but to board it against their plans and budgets.
All these, yet, we want Nigeria to be the best place for all?

We pray for a better Nigeria, ask God to overlook the grave sins we commit day in, day out but we are always quick to judge, condemn others, forgetting that everyone deserves a second chance. We turn deaf ears to the helpful, life-changing message because of the image of the messenger;he is an ex-convict; was once in prison for fraud; was once a smoker, rapist, robber, prostitute; we forget that people change and they are no longer what they once were.

We miss the message and remain in the same despondent state while countries that make the most of it develop than us.

We want a better Nigeria but we hate on the successful. Whenever we hear of someone's success, especially when that someone is someone close to us, the first song we sing is "No be only you go make am", instead of celebrating with him. It is bad!

We compare Nigeria to better countries but we do not produce the atmosphere needed to reach the great heights those countries have reached. We forget to cogitate about what we must do today to make for us, a better tomorrow.

Your child can draw but everyday you see him exhibiting his divinely given gifts, you slap him, shout at him, tear his paper, wrinkle and throw it in the thrash can.

"Useless child! Go and get the bowl and hawk pure water for me. You know it is your duty but you will not do it, you'll be waiting for me to come and tell you your work in this house while you lie there littering everywhere with papers of rubbish. Will it bring food for us?"
"I can't blame you. It is because you have eaten, right? That's why you have the energy to sit here and waste precious time drawing thrash!" She hisses. "Get out of my house and go hawk water for me". The child filled with melancholy, dashes out of the house and begin to recite what is and was never meant for him.

Gradually, you kill the potentials of the child, the cycle continues and we dare to compare Nigeria to developed countries that continue to develop interest in the most mundane of abilities, talents and nurture them till they are ripe enough for them to benefit from their positives.
Little wonder Gymnastics is a popular sport abroad and is even a recognised sporting event in the Olympics but in Nigeria, it is seen as rough play!

You complain of how immorality and crime among youths today is detrimental to Nigeria's growth but when that primary school teacher punishes your ward greatly because he was caught peeping at his classmate of opposite sex while she was using the toilet and he comes home, makes false reports to you concerning what happened, you (the rather sick mother) storm his school the next day to fight that teacher, even in the presence of your child.
"Don't you ever touch my son again, woman! He is my son and I have not asked you to torture him for me. I brought him here to learn not suffer. Next time this happens, you will hate yourself."
You do this and you expect that child of yours not to be a rapist in the future, destroying the lives of young Nigerian girls or ladies, wrecking them psychologically and killing their life-long dream?

Who are you to complain about immorality?
You are a pest to Nigeria's growth!

Time and time again, this things continue to re-occur in the society and the realization is that there is no arguing the fact that except there is a kind of divine sanitation, one beyond human reasoning, one that wipes off every negative mentality among Nigerians, one that replaces our hearts of stone with a meek one, one that resurrects our dead conscience like that of the Ultimate Messiah...

To be realistic, praying for a better Nigeria is a total waste of time.