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Mar 19, 2019
BadHits is an ad network unlike any other. We WANT all of the traffic you're unable to sell to other networks. We don't guarantee that we'll buy all of it, but you'll never be banned.

It doesn't matter if it's unable to be sold because networks don't have any buyers for that GEO or if it's simply because the traffic comes from proxies, toolbars, bots, malware, etc. Want to buy it!

You can create an unlimited number of direct link so you can easily track your earnings from different sources and any traffic we're unable to purchase will automatically be forwarded to your Passback URL. Traffic stats are updated once per minute. Revenue stats are updated every 15 minutes.

The #1 difference between BadHits and any other ad network is that we NEVER ban publishers for the quality of their traffic. If we can't buy, it goes to your Passback URL. If we keep you're traffic, it's because we're buying it and you will absolutely be paid for it. We don't do any of the nonsense other networks do such as banning you as soon as you request a withdrawal.

All payments are sent via PayPal on the first each of month on a NET-30 basis.

Our network is by invitation only. So, to create an account, you must use this link: Create Account - BadHits

All accounts using this link are automatically approved.

Please email with any questions.