Becoming the change you desire.

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Dec 28, 2017
Lagos Nigeria.
According to the Arcus dictionary, change simply means to make something different. The incumbent president of Nigeria, during his campaign for the seat adopted the slogan "change" with various promises ranging from job opportunities, good roads, free education, better power supply and many other mouth watering promises that made Nigerians troop out in mass to vote.
Fast-forward years later, complaints and grumbles have filled the atmosphere as Nigerians seem dissatisfied, there seems to have been a negative turn out of event. Thankfully, Nigerians tend to see humor even in harsh situations and the word on the lips of almost every Nigerian is "change".
No doubt, the Nigerian government have somewhat failed in delivering their promises and the citizens have lost faith in their overused strategy just to get people to vote. But do we place it all on the government? Can we as citizens be blamed for even the slightest malfunction in the economy?
A certain speaker once said, a country deserves the kind of government it has. That's a very strong assertion that goes to say that, if we condemn our leaders for being corrupt, heartless, or ruthless, then we are too.
Every citizen of a country has an obligation to fulfill no matter the status quo. Eradicating corruption starts from the little ones to the elders, down from the leader to the ordinary citizen. There are basic things that should be done by every citizen that shouldn't depend on who is watching. When one decides to throw away the wrap of a consumed product on the road claiming it doesn't matter, one can only imagine if 20 other persons do the same thing in one day, within a week the place might become a refuse dump if not regularly swept and a typical Nigerian would scream, the government is bad.

Hiking the prices of your goods and services just to make double profit not minding the poor, salary earners with fixed incomes and all others struggling to survive because apparently "it's none of your business"
The summary of it all is that, our leaders are also Nigerians who sprung out of the "I don't care" system, and they go into power with that same mindset and lose focus of all their campaign promises.

Let's analyze the question of "what if? What if we struggle to fight corrupt practices individually? Take the case of Miss Firdaus, the law graduate who wasn't called to bar because she had refused to takeoff her Hijab, hers might not be an exact example of a corrupt practice, but the truth is, that something is being done by the majority does not make it right, which is why I must commend her effort on standing for what she believed in even when she had to stand alone. She definitely wasn't the only Muslim sister being called to bar that day, but she chose to go ahead with a plan that has so far received both positive and negative reactions in the country and beyond and has also prompted some other individuals to join the movement.

The latest #freethesheepie movement which is being pioneered by Daddy Freeze an On Air Personality has received lots of backlashs from several persons, ironically it has also gotten a huge followership and people are responding to the movement all because one man sat and thought it out.
These might not be the exact examples to define corruption with, the point is the method. One individual can transform a situation if he decides to weather the storm and forge ahead no matter what and it doesn't have to be something extraordinary, it could be as little as deciding to stop throwing dirts on the street or some other almost inconsequential thing. The recent trend of social media have made things easier for us all as one can now air his view of change to his social media followers and get someone to join the movement. If a single individual decides to change the country, there would most definitely be cases of insults, talking down, bullying and in extreme cases death threats, this would take a very strong individual decades to achieve, but if every individual decides to look inward and try to remove the speck from his or her eyes, then we all would see clearly to correct the government. It's high time Nigerians stop trading blames and throwing pity parties for the current situation of the country and it is time to work on ourselves and strive to become the change we wish for, transform yourself and watch as our dear nation gradually become transformed into a worthy nation for us all. God bless Nigeria.

This piece was written by Ms Nwaogwugwu Ugoeze Precious an upcoming writer who hopes to transform the state of the nation through writing. She is Ugoeze Precious on LinkedIn and can be reached on 08140789039
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