Beginners Step-by-step Guide to Profitable Blogging

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Web Hosting
Mar 21, 2018
Starting a blog is easy nowadays, but in order to become successful, you have to respect a few conditions and go through a few steps.

  1. Think why you want start a blog
Do you want to start a blog for you, or your company?

Do you intend to monetize your blog in the future?

Do you know the work involved in blogging and do you have enough determination to write content on a constant basis?

This are only a few questions that you should answer at before building your blog.

2. Choose a niche

Once you are sure that blogging is the way to go, you have to choose a niche. You might already have something in your mind, but based on your goals, you must to make sure that the niche has enough interested people, there’s money to be made there, check your competitors, and so on.

3. Choose a domain name

Based on the chosen niche, choose a domain name for your blog.

You need to determine if you want to use your name as the domain name, your company’s name, an exact match keyword, etc.

4. Choose a blogging platform

Determine what is the best blogging platform based on your needs. Most of us just use the self-hosted version of WordPress.

5. Choose a web hosting plan for your website & install the chosen script

If you choose the self-hosted version of WordPress, or another platform that you must install on your server, you will need a hosting plan.

If you decide to go with or blogger, then you can skip this step.

6. Optimize your site

Make sure your website is secure, optimized for the search engines (SEO), and it loads fast for all your visitors.

7. Start writting content

After your site is fully ready, you can start to write content about your chosen content.

8. Promote your content

Do not wait for the people to find you. Add your site’s URL to the Webmaster Tool of every major search engine and start promoting your blog as much as possible (without spamming your links, of course).


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May 5, 2019
Pls I still can't choose my niche
Pls I need ur help
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