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Dec 20, 2017
Offline marketing is the use of offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s products and services. It is the process of creating brand awareness and reach to customers to satisfy their needs and want.The sole purpose of offline marketing is to promote, advertise and reach out to customers, when there is no website involved in a business.This is a kind of marketing where everything is done to make a business popular among its fans and consumers, excluding internet marketing efforts. This marketing concept is useful for all commercial and non-commercial businesses and products globally. Offline marketing helps in increasing Brand popularity, Product sale, Revenue generation, Profit Maximization and Covering the gap between providers and consumers.

There are 2 forms of offline marketing strategies;
(A)Print media e.g,Brochures, pamphlet,flyers,banners,newspapers and posters.
(B)non print media e.g,Television and Radio.

Both large and small companies use offline media channels to create awareness about products or services. Offline marketing strategies can be applied by companies of any size, from storefronts in small communities to some of the largest and most renowned brands in the world.Examples of businesses and the type of offline marketing involved includes;

Small scale Businesses :This are smaller operations that want to establish a name in a local community. are; family restaurants, local salons and boutiques, or independent photography studios.This set of people can advertise their businesses through ads in community newspapers or small targeted direct mail pieces to establish themselves in the limited area they serve.

Regional and Mid-Sized Businesses:These are Companies with large customer bases that need to reach customers in a metropolitan area or geographic region.They include;Construction companies, automotive dealers, and grocery stores.They can build familiarity and credibility with customers through traditional advertising means such as; Billboards, regional television commercials and radio spots.

Major National/International Companies:These are Large corporations with recognizable names and brand characteristics such as Target, Applebee’s, Kohl’s, GoDaddy, Budweiser, penis’s Sporting Goods these are just a few of the major corporations that keep a regular presence in national marketing campaigns involving offline media channels. Each of these company’s campaigns features high frequency placement and a focus on brand awareness.

Direct Mail:commonly referred to as SNAIL MAIL which is one of the most commonly used mediums in offline marketing campaigns. Marketers can purchase mailing lists based on demographic data that include people most likely to purchase their products. For example, an online pet food store may order lists of people who purchase pet supplies or medicines online.

Engage People:Engage people by giving out free, informative pamphlets which can be a pro-active way to engage new customers. Try to resist making them too sales-focused and get people attracted by including genuinely useful content, such as recipes or top tips related to your product or service.

Discount Pricing:This is another way to drive customers directly to a company’s website by offering coupons online. Department stores, grocery stores and countless other companies frequently advertise sales of their products and services in local newspapers and advertising inserts. Rather than including coupons in the newspaper, these ads can instruct customers to print their coupons from the company’s website. If they want a discount, they have to make a stop online.

Loyalty programs:Companies of all sizes often rely on offline loyalty programs. These programs encourage customers to patronize businesses more frequently. For example, a sandwich shop may reward customers with a free sandwich on their tenth visit. Or a professional baseball team might offer a free stadium tour to fans that purchase ticket to 10 or more home games.

Use existing customers to generate new customers:Ask existing customers to write testimonials. Carefully choose the people you request to do these to ensure you get glowing feedback, which can then be displayed on marketing materials in the future.

1) Maximum Conversion: It is a proven marketing method that converts with maximum possibility. If you put into practice these proven methods can get tremendous results for you.
2) Multiple Ways: There’s a lot more than one method of offline marketing, so you can easily reach people without access to a computer via different methods. These methods include TV adverts, postal mailing lists, billboard posters and a lot more.

1) Costly: The cost of offline marketing can really add up, so it isn’t best for people with small businesses or a small budget to focus purely on this.
2) Time Taking: Offline marketing methods take time to put into place, you can’t get breaking news and expect to be on the television within the hour to let people know. Mailing letters, posters, and radio adverts take time to make and distribute, so you have to do a lot of planning ahead.