Bullying: A Social Menace.

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Dec 20, 2017
Have you ever been bullied or picked on because you were different or because you did things a little bit differently? Maybe you got bullied or picked on because you had braces, or because you were over weight or because of your race or nationality, academic status, sexual orientation, e.t.c. There are uncountable reasons why people get bullied.

What is Bullying? Bullying is an aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour which is usually repeated over time by an individual or individuals to create fear or to humiliate, intimidate,torment or harass one or more persons in order to dominate or control them.

Bullying happens to the best of us and at different levels. I am sure most of us have experienced bullying one way or the other, either personally or saw someone get bullied, whichever way, the experience can be devastating. Many kids have been scarred by the experience and sometimes if they don't get the help they need or require, it could affect their development in every aspect and then their adult life. Bullying could occur in many ways or forms;
Physical bullying: This involves hurting someone bodily or destroying their properties or things that are of great value to them.
Cyber bullying: This involves bullying someone over electronic or technological devices using emails, texts or on social media.
Verbal bullying: This involves name calling, insults, taunts, spreading rumours and threats.
Relational bullying: This bullying focuses on ruining or destroying someone's reputation. It could involve threatening or tormenting a person with embarrassing information.

Many kids of varying age groups suffer from one or more of the different types of bullying either at home, in school or at the playground. Bullying is a very serious offence and should be treated as such. Kids who bully other kids or classmates should get help and advice on how to desist from such harmful and violent behaviours so they so could grow up to be responsible citizens of the society. Bullying doesn't happen only to kids, adults could be bullied too. Bullying leaves a feeling of dread or fear in the victim. Many kids and teenagers have been brutally bullied to the extent that they took their own lives. How painful! Depression and unhappiness coupled with low self-esteem and negative thoughts which are usually the results of bullying are responsible for the suicides and suicide attempts made by young victims of bullying. Sometimes I wonder how the bully or the persons responsible for the situation of the individual that committed suicide, sleep at night. Do they have nightmares or are their hearts filled with guilt or regrets forever ? Victims of bullying suffer various psychological and emotional setbacks such as low self-esteem, depression, panic attacks, loneliness or isolation, negative thinking, personality disorders and certain antisocial behaviours. Victims of bullying are sometimes badly affected by the experience that they become bullies too or at worst become psychopaths, sociopath, serial killers, sadists or very violent and aggressive people. I have a personal interest in the case of bullying because I experienced it when I was just a kid, so I know what it feels like.
So you are not alone. A bullying experience is one of the challenges life throws at you. It is not the challenge that matters but how you deal with it and your attitude afterwards that really matters. Challenges in life could either Make or Break you. Which would it be for you? It is totally normal to feel like you have things under control and you can deal with the abuse alone, but i believe discussing and telling someone trusted what is happening will help you deal with the situation and heal faster when the storm is over.
There is absolutely nothing to hide, it wasn't your fault that you were picked on or bullied. The victims of bullying are not the ones with issues but those who perpetrate it are the ones who have SERIOUS issues. If you are being bullied, don't hesitate, report as soon as possible to a trusted adult or to your parents because they love you and will definitely help and assist you if it is getting intense and getting out of your control. I am a strong advocate for standing up for yourself and taking control of your situation but at the same time, you have to be careful and cautious. Study your oppressor and your situation carefully to know how to deal with it. If it something you can handle, then defend and stand up for yourself and if it is not, then tell someone at least for the records.

Remember, "A problem shared is a problem half solved".

Don't feel like a loser or feel bad about yourself, look at yourself as the better person because you are. The bullies have their inner struggles or issues,which could be home issues, mental issues, academic pressure and so on. Don't get entangled or trapped in that emotional and psychological mess. Walk away from taunts and report to authorities if the situation gets worse or intense. I know better and I advice speaking out as soon as you can. Don't hold back.