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Dec 22, 2017
If you do a quick research of information’s not far-fetched for you to access, you will discover the statistics of mails never opened when recipient are given, or the number of people skipping through TV commercial, ads and many more, yet so many businesses with great packaging and branding needs customers to see all this inclement effort to get definite consumer destination marketing. Doing this, diverse measures would be taken to achieve this goal, but most times it is because the brand has beautiful container without good content.

On the subject content marketing, so much stereotyped write-ups would be envisaged as a norm in respect to content marketing narrative, but let us see this vantage point; a business being a great Kingdom would need a King and a Queen? It is known that the King and Queen of a business being a kingdom are Content and Creativity respectively. A business without the both is like a Kingdom without a King and a Queen. The difference between having content without creativity is what the English people call mindless lifting. Everybody can get content anywhere any time but if it is not a never before seen content in a never before seen way or a before seen content in a never before seen way, your customers would not be pleased as the content becomes the fake of the original that exist to them, especially when they are of reach to such information.

Content developers or better put creative content developers; content marketers and so on are people in this specific field. One of the things they ensure that is imperative in their content is a common rule known to specialist of this forte that content should be compelling and engaging. They have to find a way to become good content chef whose aroma emanating from his or her content delicacy is enticing (Compelling) you to not just smell but devour (Engage) the food (content). If your content is not like that, the content would follow the norm of the statistics aforementioned in the first paragraph. However, to get this compelling and engaging content that is made by you starts with what we call an IDEA. The word idea is a deep phenomenon that is linked to all inventions, contents and almost all you see as a reality of something thought of. We would love that you stay tuned to the prestigious outsourcing freelance platform BLACKHATNAIJA (connecting you to digital marketing) on Riding on this understanding, it comfortably put us on the right to know what content marketing is.

CONTENT MARKETING: This is a marketing method of creating and disseminating (producing) compelling and engaging content that is compelling, engaging and comprehensible to the target audience to get gainful customer action and traffic and to retain the customers.
Content marketing must come before your social media marketing, great content must be needed for PPC (Pay Per Click) to work, content is needed to drive inbound traffic and leads, content is also vital in your SEO (Search engine optimization). Content is so important that the popular ‘Ian Lurie’ needed algorithms to be invented to make content part of user experience that would be encrypted into creation of blogs an so on.
Advantages of content marketing:
  • It builds brand awareness
  • It reaches an audience who may avoid ads or other first paragraphed aforementioned marketing situation(s)
  • Reduces extraneous and expensive spending on other diverse means of marketing
  • It facilitates creative thinking as to ensure ones brand reaches out to target audience
  • It helps in streamlining post to be directed to target audience.
Let us not be any partial or use pedantic pedagogy for the narrative that things are not totally impeccable as content marketing is faceted with advantages and have disadvantages too.
Disadvantages of content marketing are:
  • The benefits are not immediate
A basic tip should be noted for content marketing, viz;
  • Content must pass the idea stage, conception stage, processing stage to the delivery stage and every stage is important as how you deliver also matters. How it is delivered is the part that compels customers before they engage in your content.
Ooppss!!!!!! There is more, stay in touch with us here at as we continue with more advantages, disadvantages, contents to be marketed, tips etc on content marketing and so on. Also stay in touch as we consistently give you compelling and engaging articles on various subjects.
To be continued.....
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Dec 22, 2017
The vocabswas obfuscated due to the fact that it is a requirement and judging from the platform to do this, it became my target audience. Justice could be done for other targeted audience. Except there is something I don't know or I am not sure of.