Darknet Market Nightmare is is down again? Official site brings working Nightmare market's URLs!

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Darknet Market Nightmare is an onion market founded in 2018, has a potential to take the position of Wall Street Market and Hansa market. Having regular features of most market's, Nightmare has a different approach for protection. In fact,safety, avoiding scam and a complete user-experience, is their main concern. Nightmare does not adopt JavaScript, at all (not even bootstrap), in addition to applying 2FA, mandatory pin for customers and sellers, instantaneous customer support and quality conflict resolution.
Darknet Market Nightmare is the most rich in product deep web marketplace, they are trading so much things it like stupid ! List of things consists of different drugs, digital products,freeware and counterfeit peaces.
Market is growing now, everyday hundreds of users discovering Nightmare Marketplace for themselves and starting new accounts and buying stuff at the market.
Certainly, such load on the network, may lead market to go down.
To avoid that Nightmare's team is using different onion URL, they even created an official web-page: Official Nightmare Market URL links website where all of the users of Nightmare Market community can find working alternative URL's of the Nightmare's website, to use if the link they are using is down or does not work.
Make sure to give it a look!
Also save this site to your bookmarks or write it on the piece of paper so you don't lose it!