Digital Marketing in Nigeria: The Guide To Skyrocket Your Sales

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Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
We truly can say digital marketing is the best conversion formula. With a focus on Lagos, there's a long list of digital marketing agencies managing various company's online advertising plan, running training and courses. BHN Digital is one of the leading media companies doing it right in Nigeria.

Marketing in this recent days has been taken to another level with the invent of digital platforms that help markets gain better ROI (Returns on Investment). It is now much easier and faster to get more useful customers and subscribers to your product. Digital Marketing is something every marketer or investor must not fail to do in 2018 if you want your product to reach a wider audience.

What actually is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is simply the promotion of brands, products, companies, ideas or resources using one or more electronic media platform(s). We can also say that digital marketing is the marketing of services, ideas or products on the internet via digital technology platforms or devices; it can be done using electronic mail platforms, mobile devices, billboard advertisements, seminars, and webinars.

This is totally different from local or traditional marketing done in the past centuries and it has its own special language, approach, and ethics. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing uses certain online channels and platforms to analyze (typically in real time) one’s marketing campaigns and detect what technique, approach, method or system is actually selling or working the most and which one is dead (not working) so you can easily adjust to the working strategy in order to achieve more success in your marketing campaign.

Digital marketing has developed over the years since the late 90’s and early 2000's and has taken a very big ratio in the marketing world. In this recent time, a lot of brands and companies have totally changed their ways and system of marketing; employing digital marketing experts and investing in the game. As tons and tons of digital platforms keep on erupting on a daily basis being fully incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, a good percentage of people now choose to use digital devices and methods to purchase goods, services, products, and lots more. Soon, there might be a decrease in the opening of physical marketing stores as digital marketing campaigns are becoming more upfront, relevant and efficient in dealing with our day-to-day purchases and acquisition.

Methods of Digital Marketing

There are profuse available methods through which one can engage in digital marketing. The most populous and effective methods are search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), influencer marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing, content automation, data-driven marketing and so on.

While other methods include; social media optimization, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, direct e-mail marketing, selling ebooks, display advertising, optical disks, and games. As technology keeps advancing daily with lots of innovations and ideas, more digital marketing methods will surely erupt very soon.

Now, digital marketing is not only done on the internet again, some digital marketers take to other offline platforms, exercising their expertise and gaining more positive results. Most professional marketers extend their audience reach by using the platform of sending bulk SMS, MMS, CallerFeel, and other offline tactics.

A lot of developers have come up with marketing softwares and apps to help digital marketers keep track of their campaigns with detailed insights and analysis. Although the internet is most used and efficient digital marketing platform, offline methods like mobile instant messaging, wireless text messaging, podcasts, mobile apps, electronic or digital billboards, television adverts and radio adverts are still good ways to get more subscribers or get more audience to know about your product, brand/company, good, and services.

Is Digital Marketing really Important? Why is it Important

Except you are the only using your product and do not wish to sell it out for any reason. If not this, you really have to embrace digital marketing. This method of promotion/advertisement is very versatile and pervasive; you have a wide range of targeted audience talking about your brand, products or services which means you’d likely make massive sales and also get returning customers or clients.

Digital marketing is well advanced that if you do not key into it, you would likely lose all your customers to your competitors who are into the system and had gone farther than you.

When you are into the digital marketing system, your consumers, clients or subscribers gain easy access to more information about your product, brand, or services and might likely share it with other people on various platforms, which means you will be getting more people to know about what you have to offer.

Digital media and social platforms are coming up every day and as a company or brand who is into the digital marketing system, you get to gain more audience when your current consumers take to this platforms to write positive reviews and recommendations about your service. A lot of people don’t get convinced when they see only a few persons talking about a product, brand or service, but when they get to see more people probably from different locations talking about the same product they try to engage and see what it’s really all about. That’s what digital marketing does; it exposes you to the world at large.

How digital marketing affects your business

There are various ways through which the digital marketing system affects your business (positively or negatively).

Brand Awareness

Most digital marketing campaigns are hosted or targeted to social media platforms which are believed to have the most number of audiences. When you run digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms it is called “Social Media Marketing” and it goes a long a way to determine how effective and useful your services/products are. This is because your consumers will always come back to drop their feedback and reviews (positive or negative) which helps you to know the areas you need to put in more effort for your business to excel and stay above your competitors.

Most customers believe strongly in reviews by other customers rather than the preaching’s and good sayings from the company workers about a product; customers are more likely to trust other customers’ experiences. It is, therefore, necessary for companies to explore social media platforms and stay in touch with their customers, replying their messages and taking note of their feedbacks; this will surely help to improve your company ratings on social media which means a big BOOST to you.

Keeps you ahead of your competitors

When you spend more on digital marketing, you stay above your competitors and also make more profit. Researches show that companies and brands that engage in digital marketing system are always ahead of others who do not engage fully or still stick to the old ways (traditional marketing).

Digital marketing keeps you in trend all the time; you get a lot of individuals talking about your brand or product from different locations globally and like the saying goes – the more audience you reach out to, the sales and refers you gain. At a stage, if your product or service proves to be effective and gain much positive feedbacks and reviews, you’d likely not invest much on digital marketing again; your loyal customers would be running some free adverts for you. Like posting your product on social media and saying good things about it and also offer recommendations to friends.

Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Every sector has its own strategies and tactics that work out very well for it alone. To succeed in digital marketing and gain good ROI you need to consider some strategies and put in relevant tactics. Here, I have coupled the most effective digital marketing strategies that will really work in 2018.

#1. Let your consumers take the upper hand in decision making

Before you consider other digital marketing strategies, this should be your priority strategy. You should consider your customers’ opinions and feedbacks. This is because they are the end users or benefactors of your product and services.

#2. Ask questions and offer rewards and giveaways

This is among the best strategies that would work in 2018. Many top brands and companies use this method to increase their fan base and popularity. Let’s take a look at the popular Coca-Cola Company – this is a brand that started very small but today it has uncountable consumers from every location of the world including the outer space.

Try to ask your consumers questions concerning your products and make use of their replies to improve on the pointed aspects detected by your consumers. Also run giveaways, share coupons, and reasonable discounts on what you offer; this will surely get you more users and customers.

#3. Explore unpopular platforms

There are still platforms that are still yet to be conquered by the top companies of the moment. You can take to these platforms and try to impress the users before it becomes saturated like Facebook and Twitter.

Digital marketers who used LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Podcasts when it was not yet popular as mediums to advertise their products and services are now soaring high; you can rise to the limelight by taking advantages of these unpopular Social Medias, forums, and other digital platforms.

#4. Create videos

Videos and short clips have been detected as one of the most effective ways to get more people to know about your offer. You need to create impressive short videos (5 mins length) and ensure the video covers every aspect of your offer (product, brand, etc.). A good percentage of social media users find videos more interesting and engage more with them rather than reading long epistle on your product page.

This is a foolproof method that would surely work efficiently for digital marketers in 2018. Platforms like YouTube, Vidmate, and other online video platforms can help you reach more view when you run video ads on these platforms.

#5. Improve on your SEO knowledge

This has been an untouched strategy that works for all digital marketers. Every day new SEO tricks and tactics erupt and as a company or brand into digital marketing you need to stay on track with all the SEO tactics of the moment if you must remain at the top of your competitors.

#6. Implement A.I technologies

Of course, you should implement A.I chatbots on your social media profiles for quicker communications and engagement with your customers. Most common areas were you need A.I are; the collection of your customers’ data, automating research and helping drive decisions.

Top companies and brands like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook employ the use of AI in order to provide their users with an unmatched customer experience. This they do by displaying relevant contents and suggestions based on the customer data.

Augmented reality and Chatbots are things you should learn about if you do not have the knowledge yet.

How to succeed in Digital Marketing 2018

Every business sector has its own challenges. Digital marketing can be really tough most times; you realize that you spent a lot and gained nothing in return, this can be heartbreaking.

Today, there are so many digital channels to run your digital campaigns but what happens if you if you couldn’t make a single sale or referrer after the campaign? Although you’d reach out to a wide audience irrespective of which platform use, there is need to research on what interest the users of a specific platform. For example, running a digital marketing campaign about a photo company on LinkedIn will likely not breed a gainful ROI than when done on Instagram or SnapChat.

These are things you need to consider before running your campaigns on any platform; check out for what interests the users most.

Secondly, when you succeed in gaining a good number of customers, you should always keep in touch with them from time to time – send them emails about the latest deals, run polls on your social pages, and also post interesting videos about your offer. This way, you would retain your existing customers while you still search out for new ones.

Always respond to your customer’s messages as quick as possible, gone are the day’s companies tell their customer to wait for 24hours before getting a reply; try to respond as soon as possible, it helps to improve the trust and reliability your customers have towards you.

Finally, you would have to extract values from big data in order to make good decisions faster.

In all, to succeed in digital marketing now and onwards, you need to keep improving your skills and placing your consumers’ opinions forefront.