Duck hunting

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Nov 30, 2020
I have played many games on android of duck hunting but the best duck hunting I have played last night and that was a really amazing and realistic game ever

So Grab the shotgun and master eye looking straight down the barrel to practice pre-season of duck hunting. This waterfowl hunter game has multiple missions with varying degrees of entertainment. The endless environment is very addictive and more entertaining comparatively. On the other hand, the natural pond mission is ideal to kick off your campaign slowly.

Duck hunting 3D is giving you an opportunity to compete against the best hunters from all around the globe. Outfox other players by shooting more gooses in a short period of time. Check the leader board to see your position among other hunters. The pond environment has a time-based gameplay and the objective is to secure enough coins to unlock mission 2. Shooting other animals are prohibited and cause an immediate failure of your preseason shooting campaign.

Purchase better shooting guns and extra bullets from the inventory store. Duck hunting 3D has the following features

1. Two hunting seasons with multiple waves
2. Powerful shotgun for waterfowl shooting
3. Beautiful game music

The key to being successful in Duck hunter 3D is not going too fast. Wait an extra second or two when waterfowl are coming in, then rise up to shoot, there's plenty of time to take three careful, spot-on shots before the birds get too far away. Don't be spasmodic when mounting your shotgun. Just take your time, and focus completely on hitting geese.