Effective Ways To Create A Blog With Viral Contents

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Web Hosting
May 1, 2018
.) Pick an industry you have a passion for

2.) Get a free blog hosting site (e.g., blogspot)

3.) Hang out online in paid and free online forums/facebook groups where people starting in your respective industry are hanging out and asking questions

4.) LISTEN to what they're asking

5.) Answer the questions they're asking (The ones you're qualified to answer), for free, no catch, within said Forums/facebook groups. Give, give, give, give, give your advice unselfishly.

6.) Re-write your answers as individual, short articles on your blog (e.g., with a title "Here's How to....." (this helps you draw traffic to your blog when someone is searching online for the topic/answer you're providing)

7.) Do the above (#3-#6) 1 to 2x per day for at least 2 months

8.) Write a 4 to 10 page e-guide (or hire a ghost writer to do it) answering one of the questions you are hearing a lot of (see #5)

9.) Make the e-guide available on your blog for free, in exchange for an email address (use a service like aweber to create the 'submission form' ...this is white-hat and perfectly legal because your visitors are opting-in to receive more info from you).

10.) Begin emailing your list (#9) with 1 helpful tip/advice per week. Only 'sell' them something (an ebook or a partner's product/service) in one out of every 5 emails. The other 4 you should be selling nothing, only giving more free advice within the same topic.

11.) Include your blogs URL in all email correspondence, as well as your entries in the facebook group (only if the moderator permits this) and the online forums (see #3) (only if the moderator permits this).

12.) Continue listening to your audience, creating informative free articles (and free and paid e-guides and kindle) answering their questions