Finally! How To Upgrade Your JAMB Scores Yourself

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Dec 22, 2017
We finally cracked the hard nuts. At BlackHatNaija, the research never stops. You can now upgrade your JAMB scores all by yourself. No buying of anything from anyone (except maybe some softwares that may not be free out there). This is a most sought after information and it's advisable to follow our instructions or else you'd get it wrong. Let's get cracking!

What Is Needed To Upgrade JAMB Your Scores? Just a few tool and will are good to go.

Note this trick is for those that have 176 below and want to increase it, so I will give you screenshot of the one I did for my friend.



You guys will be shock when you see what you can do with this and this trick is working fast and is cool.

What Are The Tools Needed?
1. RDP
2. Sock 5
3. Spy Software (e.g aeroadmin)- They are a lot of softwares like this but you have to buy it online you can also call it script. When you have all these, you are good to go!

Note RDP is not free but sometime will drop it as giveaway every Friday. Follow me here.

So let get down to the final step?

* First launch your details in your RDP then change your sock.

Note: VPN is not required because we are in Nigeria.

* After you have done that visit official jamb site.

* Now open an incognito tab now start now click on the top bar and get the source code, after that start your software.

Pls note this when buying your RDP, buy admin panel don't buy user panel.

So now add it to your software and then click yourself like the owner of the site in the sense that you will be able to do some changes in the site for like 5 hours then it will stop so before the time end upgrade your scores.

So it is simple and easy to upgrade your jamb score. Go ahead and try it out. Good luck!

Don't forget to follow me, so I can reply instantly.
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