Get Amazon Prime On Twitch Prime For One amonth

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Apr 6, 2018
Get Amazon Prime On Twitch Prime For One amonth ?
1) Get an amazon account (Make sure its not or .it) you can use your main email or simply generate one through Nada - temp mail - fast and free

2) Once you've created your amazon account make sure you have a twitch account aswell

3) Then you'll get to this website https://www.elfqrin....d_generator.php and use this to generate a CC. The bin is here
? 473702907xxxxxxx

4) Check The Genated CC Using Any Checker And Select Any Live One

5) Now head to start your free prime trial and enter the generated CC's information in with a random name.

6) This trick also requires a VALID us address you can easily obtain one through this website here

7) Once your amazon account has prime now log into your twitch account and go to start twitch prime trial

8) It'll ask you to select a country, select america

9) BOOM you have twitch/amazon prime

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