GiveAway : Paid Hosting Plan For A Year + For Free

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Aug 9, 2018
Its been a while since i was last here...or wrote a post...(Busy Programming) Blackhatnaija still remains my favorite forum on the web. So, what am i writing about today?...

Lemme make this simple..Was just taking a look at my Stomerhost (A Ghanaian based hosting company) hosting package this morning and i realized i still have 7 more websites to host on the Shared hosting package i bought from them last year.
Most of the projects i have being working on for the past few months are run in house, so, am having doubts if i will be using the rest of my package.

i have therefore, without duress, decided to giveaway to anyone that needs it, 5 websites hosted on this plan for free.. But there's a catch..Since i don't want code (malicious or not) from someone i don't know on my server, I will be solely responsible for writing all the code for your simple, medium or complex website @ half or less the price i usually charge.

If you are interested and choose to get in touch with me, Your dream website will be built or written in PHP for the front-end(coupled with HTML, CSS and JavaScript or BASH if required ) and MYSQL for the back-end. I no longer do WordPress and i haven't written Python in

I still have a year, four months plus on that hosting plan so if you contact me now or before November, 2019.. You get your website hosted for more than a year @ absolutely no charge.

I know some folks out there may be interested but want to know how much i will charge for building their website before they reach out.

Here's the shake down...
GHS 500 for a simple website (Includes Domain + Hosting for a year or more + Design and Code)
GHS 700 for a medium website (Includes Domain + Hosting for a year or more + Design and Code)
GHS 1000 for a complex website (Includes Domain + Hosting for a year or more + Design and Code)

You can call or whatsapp me on +233 544 672 298 for more info if interested...And this Post is only on BlackHatNaija..

Until we meet again...


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