Google Adsense Auto Ads. All You Need To Know

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Feb 16, 2018
I wouldn’t suggest it is still a news to billions of bloggers out there that google Adsense is by far the best ads network in the whole planet as they monetize websites by far what other ads network can offer.

When we talk of Adsense good features we mean in terms of user friendliness, innovations and overall user experience.
Dated back to February 21, 2018 the google Adsense team announced google auto ads for everyone. This is considered one of the best innovations from the Adsense team in recent years.

We presume that the newly introduced auto ads will change the whole experience you have ever had with Adsense before as you might experience a surge in earnings.
Google Adsense auto ads serves to cover the biggest fears of Adsense publishers which is ad placement, ad optimization and maintaining a pleasant user experience.
Why the newly introduced google Adsense auto ads seems to stand out is that it uses artificial intelligence to automatically manage ad placement and ad optimization for the soothing publishers.

Nevertheless, there are still some parts you must manage as a publisher which includes:

. Global settings: what ads should be shown to your visitors
. Domain-based setting: configure what ad should be shown to the specific domain or sub-domain of your website
. Directory settings: configure what kind of ad should be shown in a directory. Eg. On pagination pages or archive pages, you might not want to show matched content ads and you can configure the same from the Adsense settings pannel.

“This feature is called Advanced URL settings”.

With the recent reviews of Adsense publishers about the newly introduced Adsense auto ads, which is concerned with mixed feeling from the said publishers.

However we look up to the new Adsense auto ads update for a better improvement.

The new Adsense auto ads will help make the pain of Adsense optimization go away and this will enable bloggers focus more on building contents and relevant topics to their website other than optimization.

What you should know about Adsense auto ads

I believe the Adsense auto ads will be very friendly to anyone who have used google Adsense before. However, before you start setting up Adsense auto ads, there are few things you should know and it will also help answer your question before you start asking it.
  1. If you already have Adsense ads placed on your blog, you can decide to remove it. Adsense auto ads will automatically detect those ads and place them more accurately.
  2. Already using anchor ads? Auto ads include anchor ads and many more additional formats such as text and display, infeed and matched content ads.
Note: all users that use page level ads will automatically be migrated to auto ads without any need to add a code to their page.

We suppose logging in into your Adsense account and setting up global settings for auto ads for the first time is a very welcoming idea.
This is how to enable google Adsense auto ads (A detailed guide)
. Login to your google Adsense account
. Go to my ads > auto ads

. Click on “setup auto ads”
. Configure your global settings

. “Enabling” automatically get new formats at the bottom
. Click on save
. Now you can place the ad code on every page of your blog/website. I use google tag manager for the same. You can use any technique suitable for you. If you are already using page level ads, you don’t need to do anything.
. You can equally check the performance of google auto ads by going to my ads > auto ads > and click on statistics.

Wrap up

A user and an Adsense publisher laid a complaint about how google Adsense auto ads placed seven ads one of his articles!

But as it was said earlier, over time this would be something everyone will adapt to, and since it uses machine learning (Artificial Intelligence), it can only get better with time.
Checkout this video tutorial

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