HAVING A GOOD NAME: What You Never Knew( and how it affects your business)

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Feb 21, 2018

Would you say your name is good?

Of course, I’m not talking about your actual name, Jane. Not Charles or Chichi either. I’m driving at what your name implies. Like what do people think of you when your name is mentioned during a conversation? What are you all about from a moral and ethical point of view?

Two events played out these past few weeks which made me realize that people are pursuing secondary matters without taking care of the most important aspect of their lives first. A good name.

I walked into an office a week ago. There I met a young guy who came for an interview at the office. No sooner had we exchanged pleasantries that he was called up for the interview. So I went about with what took me there. An hour later while I was outside the office, I saw the guy. I walked up to him to know how his interview went. His countenance did a little job of hiding his disappointment. He didn’t get the job, he told me. He went further to tell me how his former boss had called the owner who interviewed him to give a bad referral about him.
Truth is he was guilty of what his former boss said about him.

The young guy sold his former boss’ products without his knowledge, taking the proceeds from the sale. And when he was found out, he was sacked. Now he’s out in the street, looking for another job.

But wait…

Was this guy thinking his former boss will cover his bad track and allow another boss experience the same thing? To lose his own products too? Some people have an absurd way of thinking, you never can tell.

Here’s another similar scenario. But on a good record.

Say you’ve not eaten at Rosie’s before, the food vendor near your office. You met Mr. A, Mr. B, and Miss C who have used her service to make inquiries. They all gave you the same response. “Rosie is an amazing cook. She always gives you value for your money with her tasty, sumptuous and healthy meals. Her restaurant has a clean and airy atmosphere devoid of flies and food stains.”

Armed with this testimonial about Rosie’s, you went and tried her food. She didn’t disappoint as usual. You were impressed with her service. You are now a regular at her food service. Now her business has grown by one happy customer, you. And when you meet someone who is looking for the same experience as the one Rosie’s place gave you, you will recommend Rosie’s food service to them.
Rosie’s consistency in providing the same great experience for all her customers is a record that will stick with her. Even if it’s a bad record.

These two stories are just about the way a good name or a bad name comes. Our consistent acts which became our reputation by virtue of people’s past experience and interactions with us. These acts affect our present and also have a huge impact on how our future will pan out.

So, whether it’s a leadership position, business environment or relationship goal, having a good name is essential to your success in every area of your life.

A good name is better than riches.

Yes, you could get a skill, become certified or acquire knowledge with money. However, you can’t buy a good name. You can’t equate the value of a good name with that which money can get you.
A good name goes before knowledge, certification, and skill. It’s like an integrity costume one wears which follows him wherever he goes. It’s always the first thing people will get to hear and see about you.
Having a good name is a personal decision you’ll have to make to hold yourself to a consistent standard.

And you know what?

People are not given the good name tag by a one-time act. It’s in one’s consistency of action.
A good name begins with how you relate to and deal with people on your first contact with them. People don’t care about how long you’ve been in business or how many skills you have under your long belt. They only care about how you can make them feel by virtue of their experience with you. They want to know if you can deliver what you said your service does. They just want to know if you can be trusted.

Quite a number of people out there want to be rich, successful, but don’t want to straighten out their reputation first. Probably because they are yet to know what a good name can do or lack of it can do.
If you are yet in the know of what a good name can achieve for you, let me reveal to you the benefit of having a good name

3 Benefits of having a good name

1. A good name will earn you trust
Trust is important in virtually every relationship you’ll get to have with people—business, friendship, family, etc. And it’s also fragile. It can take you many years to build trust and one wrong move to bring it crumbling.


Psychologists have discovered that trust is the first emotional bond people develop as humans. So trust is seen as a survival mechanism in the midst of a chaotic world.
Now you see that people are looking for trustworthy relationships to survive, so the reason why having a good name is essential to earning their trust.
As people seek relationships, they can only end up with someone they can trust. I’ve stated it before that business has gone relational instead of transactional. People now transact business with a brand They know, like, and trust online. And offline too.

Now the question is this.

Are you reliable? Do you stick to deadlines? Do you have people’s best interest at heart? If what you do to them is detrimental to their wellbeing and hurts their business, they won’t have any reason to continue any dealing with you as it has reduced your credibility to be trusted.
The case of the guy I met at that office is a true example of one whose acts are endangering someone’s business. His act turned out to give him a bad name. When people are able to trust you, they can stick with you for a long time. And you know what this means, especially if you are a businessman.

Having people to get to trust you begins in the consistency of actions you display towards them. These consistent acts are what makes people to be sure of what you can do or not. And what they can expect from you.

2. A good name attracts recommendation
Let me ask you. Have you ever been recommended by someone you’ve worked for to another person?
You did?
It sure happened because you did a good job of producing an amazing result. If you had done a bad job, you would have been painted in a bad light to anyone who cares to know.

Truth is, a job well done sells like hot beans. Referrals will keep coming from all angles. The referrals will ensure you get a continuous cycle of customers coming back for repeat service. Of course when it happens, sales revenue skyrocket. Some people will say it is favor but it isn’t. It’s your consistent acts at providing top-notch results for the services you render to people. No matter how small or big the job is, you always deliver.

Rosie’s story is a clear example of an attracted recommendation. It simply saves people time and stress. I mean, why go looking for a service when one with a great testimonial has been recommended to you?
When you deliver what you promise to do, it will earn you a good record which will increase your customer’s base through referrals.

3. A good name gets you long-term success
Yes wealth fleets, experience or skill becomes outdated over time. But not a good name.
A good name is what keeps brands in the business for a long time. A good name that was gotten from the consistent value being provided for, multiple times. When you maintain the tradition of delivering outstanding services and making your customers lives easier, they will stay with you for a long time.
A good name will bring you riches now and in the future.

What keeps a brand in business is when the brand keeps getting more and more customers. The brand with a good name enjoys bountiful privileges a brand without a good name will.
A brand I can mention which has been in business for a long time is Coca-cola. They’ve maintained a consistent standard of providing the same feeling and experience for their customers.
And now that we’ve known the importance of having a good name, let’s also look at how to get a good name.

How to get a good name

Fulfill your promise

It’s always said that a person’s name is as good as his words. Whatever the cost is, always stick to your words. Don’t say one thing and do another thing. Know what you are getting yourself into whenever you are about to make a promise. If you keep not fulfilling your words, they’ll end up to become telltale signs that you can’t be trusted. Since you can’t be trusted, how then are you going to market your product or service?

Refund if possible

If your service didn’t deliver the result it promised, then nothing can be honorable than refunding back the money.
I had a friend who got a bad review on his work profile from a client. Well, the client said he didn’t give him what he was looking for. Know what my friend did? He refunded part of the money and had the client remove the bad review. And you can imagine how it would have affected his chances of getting more work from prospective clients.
No one likes losing money. If you have a product or service out there, simply offer a money back guarantee.

Maintain a good ethical standard for your business

Businesses thrive on the good ethical standard they have and maintain day by day. These ethics are applicable to every aspect of a business conduct. Whether as an entrepreneur or corporate organization. Businesses need principles, standards, values that will help govern their actions and behavior. Failure to implement proper ethical standard will hurt their business.
One way of maintaining a good ethical standard is by being honest with customers. No overstating or exaggeration, in a bid to make a sale. Always give your customers proper information regarding a product or service.
And again, be caring. Don’t build a selfish brand that’s more concerned about their own benefit more than their customers. Remember we are talking about having a good name and earning trust here.
If your product is no longer safe for customers, do well to take it off the sale.

Wrapping it up
Having a good name is non-negotiable. Not even with money.
The lifeblood of every business or individual flows from their good name. Always act in a way that will earn the trust of people who come in contact with you.
“Life is for one generation. A good name is forever.”__Japanese proverb.
And now over to you. Tell me, what are you doing to have a good name?
Have you had any bad experience with a brand which reduced their credibility in your sight?
Use the comment section,let's engage.