Here's How to you should write that content to Increase your Website Traffic and Generate More Sales!

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Dec 19, 2017
Every organization is now a media company, which means there’s a growing number of marketers that must commit to producing content just like a publisher. Today’s prospects expect to find and search for the answers to problems or challenges they encounter.

By producing content, your organization puts itself in the pathway that current prospects are learning, asking, and shopping for products and services.

Regardless of how new to publishing your organization is, though, there’s one common puzzle every organization has to solve: How in the heck you’re going to create a content strategy that increases web traffic and generates sales?

To help solve that puzzle, I’ve provided a content strategy framework so you can create, plan, delegate, curate, collaborate, reuse, repurpose and extract more value out of the content you produce.

Do Your Keyword and Target Audience Research
What information does your target audience want? What types of content would help you gain awareness and their trust to the extent that they become customers? It’s important to research:

  • Buyer personas and their relevant segmentation
  • Keywords that they likely use to research problems, services or products in your category
  • Your competitors’ search engine strategy (SEO) and results
  • The psychology and use of social media marketing platforms by prospects
  • Various media formats your target audience prefers
Develop Monthly Editorial Topics
Develop a list of core topics and assign one to each month for the next 3–6 months.

Each topic should be related to your business or industry and represent an important keyword search term or problem that needs solving. Think about your content strategy as if you’re creating a magazine. Each month represents a hot topic in what will become a body of work at the end of each quarter or year. That body of work can turn into a asset that serves your organization in the form of lead generating ebooks, tip sheets, guides, special reports, or seminars.

Here’s an example of a health club content strategy:

  • January — New Years Resolution (Health Goals)
  • February — Quick and Easy Ways to Get Healthy
  • March — Unhealthy Diets
  • April — Group Exercise
  • May — 30 Minute Workouts
  • June — Fitness Time-Wasters
Develop Your Content Distribution
What form should this content take? In many cases there isn’t a set right and wrong way to do content distribution, just that the strategic and most effective approach will be based on your target audience research and their information consumption preferences.

  • Email Newsletter — Put out a monthly email newsletter coordinated with your monthly topics above. Add your blog posts and other topic-related articles to each issue, highlight other businesses and resources.
  • Blog posts — Write a weekly blog post. This helps you focus both from a content, SEO, and social media standpoint, while also educating people so that they develop a relationship and trust you enough to do business with you
  • Guest posts — Submit guest posts to other media channels with similar target audiences. Most businesses spin their wheels trying to increase traffic on their own websites, while overlooking the essential discipline of writing or recording guest posts for other publications. Nothing can grow your prospect list and influence quite like it.
  • Podcast guests appearances — Show up as a guest for industry-related podcasters.
  • Newsletter pitches — Use your weekly blog posts to get featured in other newsletters.
  • PR pitches — Write or submit content for other online and offline media outlets.
  • Seminars — Since you are creating all this premier, topic specific content go ahead and host seminars to deliver content in a new format.
  • Downloadable content — Today’s prospects really love downloadable content and they are an essential element in your email list building efforts.
Map Your Content Strategy to Your Business Objectives
How do you intend to use content to achieve your business objectives? For which audience is it intended? At what stage of the purchase funnel? What is the key question or need that this content fulfills? How do we know that this need exists (social listening, search engine keyword analysis, customer feedback, etc.).