How To Add Yourself Back to A Whatsapp Group After Being Removed

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Dec 22, 2017
Have you ever been removed from a group you like so much and don't want to leave? Has an admin use his/her power to kick you out without any reasonable reason or just a little offense. Has a friend removed you from his group for nothing or because both of you are not in good terms?

There's a solution to that now in case you've been looking for a way to get back into the group.

Stop looking because the trick is here and working

How To Add Yourself Back In A Group That You Have Been Remove

1. Go To Your WhatsApp Setting

2. Look For Where it says Delete Account

3. Then Click Delete Account
Note: Now your number no longer exist as a owner of WhatsApp, in the sense that you can now create new account

4. Sign Up WhatsApp Again With That Same Number

5. Now Join That Group Back

* Copy or ask for the group link while you are still a member.
* Anytime you're removed, just delete your WhatsApp and click the link to join again.

* Send the group link to your second WhatsApp number (almost everyone has two sim cards)
* Click on the link to Join the group using your other number.

If this trick was helpful kindly leave a comment or tell me if not so I can help you.