How To Be A Social Media Manager For a Restaurant

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Mar 21, 2018
The first step is to plan out. Jot down points that need attention. If you are starting from scratch, try to focus on few platforms first. Don't go big or too fast, social media does seem fast-paced and quick to get traction from distance but soon you'll learn this is not the case. So, be patient. Don't get disappointed. Here are few tips to get you jump-start:

1) Platforms That Work For Restaurants: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest+ Twitter and G+ (Optional or You can start them later) -- Just secure brand's name/custom URLs everywhere.

2) Post lots of visuals. (Food)

3) Focus on niche market (locals). Use hashtags/keywords that are popular in your area. Do listings on Google Map, FourSquare and Facebook, etc.

4) Encourage customers to share, like or Follow Fan pages. Give them incentives such as discount on food, free food (cookie, etc.) or coupons for purchase.

5) Use a similar profile picture and banner image on all channels, so your brand is easily recognizable. Remember to optimize the image sizes for each channel, so that they don't come out all blurry.

6) Choose a tone of voice, and a brand personality and use it since the beginning. Decide what kind of pictures you want to share, what hashtags to use and how to reply to comments and questions. You are talking as the brand, and the brand should have an established personality.

7) Monitor your competitors. Make a few competitive Benchmarking Reports and analyses to check what your competitors are doing, to either get inspiration from their strategies, or to understand how to beat them.