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Dec 19, 2017
Many website owners choose to stray from trending topics during content curation because it quickly becomes outdated. Evergreen content is often considered best because it provides long-term traffic to your website; however, if you’re only creating evergreen content, you’re hurting your very success.

Currently, leveraging topics that are trending is the sweet spot when it comes to content marketing. Not only are the topics ideal for social media campaigns, but for content marketing campaigns as well. When combined, the two work hand-in-hand to boost your website’s traffic.

“I find that using trending topics and breaking news items in my work is useful for gaining both page views and additional income. This works out for me for a number of reasons–additional traffic to my sites and those I may write news for are good for my bottom line due to both services like Google Ads as well as my SEO. This can add even more to the bottom line–good SEO can mean additional opportunities,” says Angela Atkinson, owner of

We all know that current popular topics are the secret to your success with social media as they add to user engagement; thus, the higher your engagement, the higher your SERP ranking and website traffic. However, before you can start marketing the trending topic on social media, you need to take a step back and start with your content creation.

You’re able to leverage Google+, Facebook, and even Twitter to find the topics people are talking about the most. With the new trending topics feeds on each of the social networking platforms, you’ll have a firm understanding of what people are talking about and searching for right now. Then, you take these topics and implement them into your content marketing strategy.

Developing Your Content
After you have your topic to use for your content, you need to establish the most appropriate form of content for your targeted audience. How and where will you reach your targeted audience? Are you going to use blog posts, articles, videos, info graphics, or another form of content? Often, more than one type of content is appropriate, so utilize as many relevant forms as possible.

When you begin developing your content, try to include an approach on the topic that other sites have yet to take. The content you create needs to be of the highest quality and engaging. Not to mention, it needs to encourage your readers to like, share, and comment on your content. Leave the door open for discussions. Don’t forget to use the most relevant keywords and tags accordingly.

Marketing Your Trending Topics
After you’ve developed your content, it’s time to start marketing. Choose the best and most relevant social media outlets to market your content. When creating your posts, don’t just post the content link. You want to get the ball rolling to encourage people to follow your posts instead of your competitors. Create posts that are hot, interesting, and enticing. If you can, try to add a little controversy into the post to get people talking and clicking on the post. Don’t forget to ask a question to allow people the opportunity to discuss.

Depending on the social media platforms you’re using, you need to use the appropriate hashtag. Use the hashtag that has the topic trending on specific social media sties. It may not be the same for all sites. Do a little research and get a little creative if you need to.

Now that you’ve taken all of the appropriate steps to get your content ranking along with the other content for this topic, don’t just let the content sit and wait for people to find it. Instead, get out there and get the discussion started. Look for relevant posts, groups, forums, and other discussion boards to drop the link to your content to make people aware of it.

When readers begin commenting, liking, and sharing your posts, don’t ignore it– jump into the discussion, too. Be engaged and be active to add that personal touch readers crave. Show them there’s a real person behind the website and social media accounts and you’ll develop the brand loyalty you need for the future.

Thinking Ahead

As previously mentioned, many people stay away from trending topics because it’s viewed as a short-term fix for website traffic. Yes, that is true but not if you plan ahead. Although no one really knows what topic is going to be the next one to take off, you can plan ahead. Are there any big upcoming events, such as the Super Bowl? Is there a holiday coming up? What about breaking news? You can use this in your favor to begin creating hot topics ahead of time. As a result, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors and keep a steady stream of traffic flowing to your website.

In addition, it’s necessary to keep an eye on trending topics. Monitor topics on social media platforms regularly and look for topics you can weight in on. In particular, pay attention to topics that have to do with your brand; thus, being of an interest to your targeted audience.

Increasing your traffic with trending topics for your content marketing is a hot deal right now. Sure, it may take more time to base your content off of these topics than evergreen, but it’s a fast and effective way to quickly boost your traffic. And, if you keep it up, you’ll develop the long-term fix you’ve been searching for to keep your website’s traffic steady and social engagement flourishing.