How To Build Your Own Andriod Operating System

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Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
Andriod is an open source and you modify it to the kind of OS you want but talking about building an Android OS (exactly like it) could be far fetched, even if you were an absolutely outstanding programmer, it’s probably just too much work for one person.

But creating your own Android OS is very possible.

Right now, pick a language to learn, if you can’t decide, Java is fine, learn the basics and think about writing something like Minesweeper or Candy Crush. Don’t worry about the fancy graphics, just make the basic puzzle game.

You will need to understand Operating System Concepts - A book like Operating System Concepts - Google Search should help.

If you want to replicate the over all function of android but without using any of the underlying external component projects then I would recommend to learn C and use that to build your system.

However if you can build the opensource components of android and make your own distro like lineageos then this site will help you. Android Open Source Project

Understanding for device drivers is important, You’d make a kernel in C, C++, or maybe Rust. Then you’d make graphics layer on top of that, probably using those languages too.

Learning languages like C, POSIX Shell, an assembly language, and a high level compiled language such as C++ or Java or C# or Objective C or D and etc if you wish to take an object oriented approach. You can use any language, but the complexity of the interaction with the lower level API’s will be a pain hence suggesting C, C++.

On top of that, once you’ve got the basics working, then you can get a runtime to work, say Java, and writing actual applications (like Calendar, Notes, Address Book etc.) in Java.

It's always about starting somewhere, you practice more to get better. Don't worry your head about fancy backgrounds for a start, just build something!