How to crack Spotify Premium Accounts by Tevcy

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Apr 6, 2018
How to crack Spotify Premium Accounts by Hacking Empire !

You first need the Cracker
2: After you download the program, run it, it'll look like this:

3: You need a combo, which needs to be EMAIL:pASSWORD, you can found them in the combo section.

4: After you download the Combolist, add it on the Spotify Cracker, you proceed to click in "Combolist", and find the one you've downloaded, then click in "Open".

5: In "Threads" section, there will be only "1" by default, change it to '10', and then click on Start.
6: After the process is completed (it may take hours depending on the combo size you use), it'll look like this:
7: The Accounts will appear and their passwords too (It depends on the Combolist, not every combo has great hits, so you need to try, i've tried with a combolist that i knew it has Premium accounts, you need patience).

8: After the process it's completed and you got Premium Hits, click on Save Hits, and save them wherever you want.
9: Open the hits document, and check accounts. In the text document, will look something like this.
RED: Email
Blue: Password (thanks captain obvious).
You will need them to log-in on Spotify.

10: Now, proceed to check the account

[B][SIZE=5]Second Method[/SIZE][/B]

Spotify premium method ??

Free Method. (Paypal)
1) Head to and register an account
2) After you have registered the account, all you have to do is go to premium and click start a free trial
3) After that you will be greeted with this page, click on Paypal. 4) Click continue and log onto your paypal account.
5) Your account will now have premium and you can enjoy it to the fullest.
6) in roughly 3-4 weeks right before it is about to charge your account, disconnect your paypal account and start this process all over again.

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