How To Create and Publish Your Post on BlackHatNaija

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Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
Hi there,

Once again, thanks for choosing to be a member of this great community.

Creating a post on this forum is just ABC. The platform is designed to make it pretty easy for you. You're just secs away from a couple of buttons waiting for your click to create and publish your first post.

We have 5 major categories: Cryptocurrency, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Designs and Codes, Making Money Online.

These categories have sub-categories under them with different topics for discussion and posts related to the sub-categories can be created within.

To do this, find a category among one of the 5 listed above, click on any of the sub-categories that's related to the topic you're about to share and...

A) CLICK on POST THREAD (Check the arrows in the images below)


B) TYPE in your POST/TOPIC TITLE in the THREAD TITLE BOX and the CONTENT of your POST in the Message then CLICK on POST THREAD

BlackHatNaija-Create-A-Post-on-BHN copy.png

C) Scroll down to the bottom of your published post and CLICK any of the BUTTONS below to SHARE your content for more views.


That's all you've got to do. Creating your FIRST post on our forum is just ABC.

Go and try it out.
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