How To Get 50 Orders Per Month on Fiverr

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Dec 22, 2017
Do you have an idea which market (category) you want to make money in?

Let’s say you are interested in the Graphics & Design space, maybe you’re skilled in Illustration, if this is the case then this should be your choice of category to make money in.

Here is how you can get started with selling:

A good idea before getting started with fiverr is to observe some of the people that are selling your same type of item or service. For instance if you click on Illustration you will be presented with a lot of the top selling gigs in this category. Just hover over each one, you will notice that there are numbers at the top of the gig (1k+, 599, etc.), these numbers represent the amount of people that left these sellers feedback, which has nothing to do with the amount of total gigs sold, which could mean that these sellers have sold 1000’s of gigs in this area.

If you too want to sell this many of your very own gigs you would need to do some of the things that these sellers do, such as the following:

  • Write an eye catching title
  • Be very descriptive in the description box
  • Add images
  • Add videos
  • Show proof of the work you’ve done
Here is a way to boost your earnings:

  1. Check the demand for your chosen gig. If you really want your sales from Fiverr to skyrocket, you have to be strategic when choosing a particular gig to offer. The Fiverr gigs that are high in demand are logo design, website design, Wordpress troubleshooting, article writing, transcriptions and voice-over gigs. You should definitely offer a service that will suit the needs and wants of your target market. Likewise, do not limit your options to the services or gigs that most Fiverr contractors are offering. Be creative and think of a gig that you rarely see being offered on the site, but will be appealing to the buyers. Understand what your prospective Fiverr buyers want, and think of ways to offer it to them.
  2. Exude a professional image. Even if the tasks are not worth that much, make sure you present yourself as professional and mature. Always remember, you are not the only Fiverr gig seller there. Place yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer so you can effectively manage your expectations. Make your profile is professional-looking. Once you exchange conversations and messages with a prospective buyer, be professional, respectful and accommodating. Regardless of the price tag on your gigs, the buyer is still your customer, and you must treat a customer with respect.
  3. Create catchy and interesting titles. The titles of your gig are synonymous to your clothing. They create the first impressions. If the title of your gig does not stand out, it will be difficult to attract Fiverr buyers to even click it and read the description. Your title is your entrance. By making it catchy and inviting, you will grab the buyer's attention. It's also highly recommended to make your title very specific. Your title should include how much time you will be able to complete the gig so the buyer will feel you are really serious about offering this gig.
  4. Create gig description. If you have a catchy title, you could still lose your buyer's attention with a boring gig description. With the description, you can be as creative as you want. While the title is the lure to draw your buyer in, the description should close the deal.

The thing I like the most about fiverr is that it doesn’t limit you to just one project or category, you can actually pick and choose quite a few different categories to make money in. So if you are also good at web programming, then you can earn money in that category as well, and so on.

I hope this helps you on your way. Good luck.

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