How To Get Approved With Two AdSense Accounts in 1 Domain

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Dec 22, 2017
First you have to remove the domain name from the 1st adsense account. Remove all the ads code in the domain.

Now, apply for the second adsense account.

If your website is once approved by the google adsense team. The chances are you’ll again get approved for another adsense account.

Just remove all adsense code in your website while submitting your form for Google’s AdSense account.

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Mar 21, 2018
Rubbish. Shows that u guys are dumb. One can get approved 3 times with same domain even if ads code are still there. This forum is just trash. Delete while you still can.
You have no sense. Must you comment if you have nothing in your brain? At least I read remove the ads codes but your stupid self is saying leave ads code and get approval as if google is dumb like you.