how to hire a freelance writer for a blog

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Dec 26, 2017
Freelance is the act of selling services to employers mostly without a long time contract. When hiring a freelancer you should first start with people you know. Ask talented individuals if they would like to work with you tell them what your requirement is, ask them to refer others who are also qualified to you. If your referrals have personally worked with a freelance writer in the past, they will serve as a guarantor to you without charging you for their referral. Freelancers are on demand resources for content needs. Businesses turn to freelance writers for blog posts, case studies, white papers and other copy. They also write speeches, ghost writing articles, email campaigns and newsletters. The talent pool works to your advantage because writers need to compete with each other on rates and deadlines but as an employer, you would need to wade through plenty of write-ups to find true talent. Determine what you are looking for in a writer. Do you want an expert in a particular field? Are you willing to work with a young unproven but upcoming writer who is good with words? Or you want someone with marketing background or who knows SEO tactics? Follow up your potential freelancers. Ask for their résumé (an account of employment history and qualifications). Contact a previous client of theirs, consider a probationary period, set goals for a project and observe if the candidate meets it and how long it took.
If interested in going beyond content creation and hiring a firm to help with leads, search local writing agencies for their own freelance. You can make use of content mills if you are on a strict budget. Content mills are websites that give huge volume of work to upcoming freelance writers who complete projects for little stipend. Some content mills showcase writers’ profiles along with hourly rates, some show where writers post jobs they are willing to complete for a pay of five dollars. Also, when reading through articles on blogs or magazines, check out the author’s bio for words like “freelancer’’ or “contributing writer’’. If you are impressed by the bio, email that individual. You can search the name if there is no email included in the bio. Google will automatically bring up the writer’s website or social media page. Social media can be valuable in finding writers and agencies. The media lets you scope out freelancer’s portfolio and blogs before you contact the individual. When you have found an intriguing writer, be sure that he/she will also follow other writers too carefully go through their follower lists on social media and pick your favorite writer. Google is like internet’s own private closed circuit television. It has a list of everything you would ever want to know. Therefore, goggle search writers; check out past work, blogs and websites to get an idea of what your potential freelancer does.
Describe the job offer and the minimum requirements you want the potential freelancer to possess. Advertise on blogs, social media and group chats. A good example of a job advert is that of They are presently hiring freelancers and released a job offer stating what the job is about, the potential pay and the number of writers they want to recruit which I quote subsequently: “Work from home. I need 15 good writers for Internet marketing contents. Pay is #5000 per week. Private message me immediately don’t call please 081*****461.’’ You as an employer of labor should be realistic in your pay, few writers work for less than $20 per hour. Every writer has a different hiring process. Some have formal contracts, others send emails confirming job requirements and prospective fees, some like to audition before hiring and unless free trial is offered by the potential writer, the company is expected to pay for the audition to compensate time and effort even if it’s a reduced rate. More importantly, pay your writers. Some accept payment through PayPal, others want it monthly or weekly. Rates differ among writers depending on how complex the write up is and on notice (short or long term). Consider their time, information needed and the pay they expect. Do not give short and unfair deadlines. Be responsive In your inbox, check up on how far they have gone with the work research and write up, make them feel like part of the team, be receptive to their ideas, be organized with feedbacks. Also, be ready for rate increase, a freelancer would like to demand pay increase as they get more established. Before you dismiss them, consider how easy it would be to find a replacement (cost and intelligence wise)