How To Import Cookies On Pc

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Apr 6, 2018
How to import cookies (Pc)

1. We must install the EditThisCookie, an add-on for the Google Chrome that you can download from here: EditThisCookie

We click on ADD TO CHROME. We will get a confirmation message, we click on Add.

2. Once you have the extension added to chrome you have to open the page

3. when you are there you have to touch the cookie icon ?

4. Above there will be about 7 options.

5. Touch option number 4

(import cookies)

6. You will get a text saying "paste here the cookies to import." Accepted formats: JSON

7 copy and paste the cookies you downloaded above in that place

8 give the symbol ✔

9 reload page

10. You'll already be in the account?

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