how to increase downloads on an app?

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Staff member
Feb 18, 2019
To increase downloads of your app you should advertise your business, prefer google advertising(App downloads), social media Sponsored ads ...etc


Staff member
Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
information about app downloads increasing.
In addition to social media sponsor and app advertising on google by @martinsmith

Do these and you'd skyrocket your download rates:

1) Have a free version of that app which can be upgraded and that's if it's not free already.

2) Your app testing team should be the first to drop reviews, it encourages download.

3) Set up a referral feature and give tiny rewards if you can afford it.

4) Write a detail article about the app and tag relevant users or companies to it on socials.

5) Pay app influencers and if you've them as friends ask them to promote your new baby.

I hope you can apply one or two or all of these. Goodluck!

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