How To Increase The Conversion Rate of Magento

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May 1, 2018
Increasing customer engagement and Sales Conversion Rate for Magento or Wordpress is a big deal. Our Magento Matix team works hard to make sure your online store is the best it can be – Increasing sales and conversions in the process.

The sale isn’t guaranteed when the customer finds your product, they need to buy. If your page doesn’t contain high resolution images, social sharing icons, reviews, different colors, the right descriptions and inventory, then you’re going to lose the sale. We test all of these elements to increase sales.

Medma Matix Magento 2 Module has everything you need to increase your Magento sales conversions and revenue. Here are the features that make Medma Matix popup builder plugin the most powerful lead generation platform.

  1. Once installed, admin can see a new link to “Medma Dashboard” at left hand side under dashboard button, after admin login.
  2. Whenever a new date range is selected, the dashboard will reflect the new stats accordingly.
  3. The dashboard will display:
    a) Total range during selected range.
    b) Total orders during selected range.
    c) Total items sold during selected range.
    d Average order value for the selected range.
  4. The PopUp builder module offers you a perfect opportunity to notify all your customer's by means of a popup window.
  5. Admin can enable/disable PopUp anytime.
  6. Admin can change text of the PopUp via "WYSIWYG" editor.
  7. Place PopUp anywhere in the store (top-center or center of the page) by back-end.
  8. The PopUp window can be displayed on any page.
  9. Opens URL in the same or new window as per the need of the admin.
  10. PopUp Animations like slide in/slide out, fade in/fade out.
  11. Admin can anytime enable/disable deal bar from back-end.
  12. Admin can anytime change text on this deal bar from back-end.
  13. Position, background color and color of the text on the deal bar is manageable from the admin-end.
  14. A button to display on the deal bar can be enable/disable from the back-end.
  15. Opens URL in new window, same window or in a modal PopUp box.
  16. Use firebase to capture and broadcast customer events to all other customers.
  17. Admin can enable or disable notification as per requirement.
  18. Events currently supported are :
    a) Product Viewing.
    b) Product Addition.
This fully customizable Magento Pop-up Extension gives you the ability to set individual cookies for each pop-up, manage the amount of time before the pop-up will reappear, provides the ability to auto close pop-ups after a set amount of time, and the ability to prevent pop-ups from appearing in specific browsers. The Magento Pop-up Builder Plugin is built entirely on the prototype framework, ensuring no conflicts with core Magento functions.

The Pop up Plugin offers unlimited options for modifying your site and improve your user-friendly support on laptops, PCs and mobile devices. It is easy to install and edit, you don’t even need to be a professional programmer to enhance your total sales potential.

Matix Popup Builder is a helpful tool for any eCommerce websites to create the sense of a busy store, build a stronger brand image to new customers, and increase orders. It displays recent customer activity through pop-up notifications on storefront to notify recently viewed or bought items to visitors and motivate them to buy as well.

Maximum visitors leave an online store without buying due to reasons like lack of trust, engagement, and authenticity. Keeping these social factors in mind, Matix Popup Builder Module helps you combat site abandonment with recent sales notifications. This extension is beneficial due the following reasons:

  • Create the sense of a busy store by displaying live sales notifications
  • Very suitable for new stores which haven’t got many orders and customers yet, by allowing store owners to create “fake” notifications to promote any items as hot sellers
  • Show social proof to new customers, increase their buying confidence, build trust on your brand
  • Optimize User eXperience on the store: various notification popup themes, settings to control display time, interval time between notifications, expiration time.
  • Integrate easily with magento, wordpress and woocommerce.