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New member
Jan 8, 2021
As an SEO Specialist, I love improving website traffic (Especially organic) as fast as possible. I already working on the same for more than 5 years.

Over the years, the Goal of increase website traffic reminded same, but, the way or seo strategies keep on changing.

My SEO Strategy to improve organic traffic:-

  1. Understand the business - both for business stand point & services or product knowledge.
  2. Competitor Analysis - Identify competed able competitors in first phase & later target the bigger.
  3. Keyword Research - Choose medium competitive & high search volume keywords.
  4. on-page optimization - optimize meta data, heading tags, content etc, & internal linking.
  5. Link Building - Get backlinks from relevant & high authoritative sites.
If you follow these steps, you can start seeing traffic.

Anything else, reach us for seo services or any related query.

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