How to make up to N15,000 daily easily on Nairabitcoinhub

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Oct 4, 2018

NairaBitcoinHUB is a donation hub where members donate naira and bitcoin to each other and in return get help from other member with 30% profit in return.
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?30% ROI in 3hrs - 5days

?Minimum Project donation is 5,000 and Maximum Project donation is 1m but for now the Maximum Project donation is 100,000 till next June Ending!

?1 hour Payment Gateway

?Triple Secured Website

?Unlimited bandwidth Server to accommodate the millions of transactions at a time!

?500 Naira Referral bonus when ever downliner Pick and Pay a Project. To be withdraw when it accumulate upto 5,000 Naira

?Active and Responsive Supports for Fast Results

?Verification of Phone Number and Email address.


1. Click on the registration link to register and make sure you use thesame name with your bank account.

2. Input your correct details, Phone number, Email Address etc

3. Activate your account and log in.

4. Go to bank section and fill your correct bank details and bitcoin address

5. Then Marry your dashboard section and get ready every 3hours from 12noon to 12am, to pick a project to donate.

Note: Project list may usually be rushed when it appears. Maximum time is 3mins. Pick according to the amount you can afford.

6. When you see the project you can donate, click on BOOK NOW and when the next page appears, click on COMMIT TO DONATE and you've reserved that payment.

7. Get the details of payment, call the person before and after making payment for confirmation.

8. Then your own project Is Created and in queue, others are waiting in queue to fund it for you in less than Few hrs.

9. Don't delay in making or confirming payments...

Join the official telegram group for more info and interact with many other Nairabitoinhub users>

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