How To Migrate Wordpress Blog/Site to HTTPS

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Dec 22, 2017
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It’s recommended to create new sites on HTTPS. Most hosts allow and make it easy to use free SSL certiificates like Let’s encrypt.

However, it’s not always easy to migrate existing sites to HTTPS as it requires some technical knowledge or a good helping hand (or a guide/tutorial).

One of the most challenging tasks during migration to HTTPS is fixing mixed content issues.

Here’s the process of migrating a WordPress site to HTTPS looks like (and looking at the tutorial you can see why not all websites want to move to HTTPS):

1. Choose the SSL certificate that will fit you the best

2. Make a backup of your site or/and test on a clone site

3. Decide where from you will take the SSL certificate and install it

3.1. If you want a free SSL certificate

3.2. If you want a paid SSL certificate

3.3. Check your SSL certificate

4. Update URLs (change HTTP to HTTPS)

4.1. General information

4.2. Options you have

4.3. Set HTTPS in the WordPress settings (Site URL and Home URL)

4.4. Updating inner links to HTTPS in your website content

4.5. Make sure your website pages do not have ‘mixed content’ issue

4.6. Fixing ‘mixed content’ issues on your HTTPS pages

4.6.1. General overview of the process and video walk-through

4.6.2. Using Google Developer Tools to find mixed content

4.6.3. Replacing insecure links in the files

4.6.4. Viewing page source code to locate mixed content

4.6.5. Replacing insecure links in the content (advanced)

4.6.6. Using Search & Replace plugin

5. Managing redirects from HTTP to HTTPS version of your website

6. Check out robots.txt – whether HTTPS pages are blocked

7. Make sure your site map now contains HTTPS pages

8. Let Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics know about your migration to HTTPS

9. Setting up your CDN and/or cloud firewall for HTTPS

10. SEO concerns connected with migrating to HTTPS

11. Loosing social media shares after migrating to HTTPS

12. Speed concerns after migrating to HTTPS

13. Additional steps and other information

Here’s the full tutorial: How to Move WordPress Website to HTTPS the Right Way Easily
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