How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages Using This Simple Trick

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Dec 22, 2017

The image up there is a sample of how a deleted WhatsApp message(s) looks like. Especially when the sender doesn't want you to read the message or it was sent by mistake. Whichever way, most times we're curious to know what the contents was and what exactly was the sender's intention for sending and deleting the messages. We always want to know.

There's a simple trick that answers your curiosity, a simple trick on how to recover a deleted WhatsApp message.

Know that every Android phone has a notification log. Once a message enter via WhatsApp and you get a notification, it stores in the notification log until it's clear or manually deleted.

Just in case you couldn't figure out your notification log, there's an amazing app that can do that for you. It's called Notification History. You can download on Google play store. Once installed, you set accessibilities (what and what you're giving it access to) and that's it.

Even if your friend or anyone send a message or picture via WhatsApp and deletes it immediately, you can read the deleted WhatsApp message using notification history app.


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