How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Phone

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Dec 22, 2017
There are two questions I’d like to answer one by one.

1.Does Android have a recycle bin?

No, Android does not have a Recycle Bin like Windows (Trashcan like Mac OS). Why? If a smartphone has a recycle bin, the limited space provided by manufacturers may easily get filled up, except for phones containing 128 GB. I think that space will be easily filled up by recycle bin. The data in a smartphone gets constantly updated due to messaging and other apps in which we constantly share and receive images and videos. At a point, we always think that the data is no longer is of use and delete it. We need to think that just how many time we do so. Although as far as important data is concerned, it's been constantly backed up in cloud storage for those who use them. That's one of the reasons that certain manufacturers provide cloud storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud.

But recycle bin might get available in the future for Android phone when this storage requirements are duly met , like now the Recently Deleted album in iPhone Photos App (iOS 8 or new). Why recycle bin is there on my desktop? Maybe because of 2Tb internal HHD in my cabinet.

2.Are deleted files recoverable (permanently deleted)?

The answer is Yes! But they are not 100% recoverable. It depends on:

1) where you store your Android data, on micro SD card or Android internal storage.

2) whether your Android device is rooted or not.

3) whether the deleted files is overwritten or not.

If you wanna recover deleted files (like photos/videos according to the topics of this page: camera videos, data recovery, android), first you need to find out where the deleted files you stored on your android Phone: on the internal storage or on the micro SD Card.

When you first insert the SD card and open the camera for the first time you should be prompted to select where you want to store your images/videos. I personally selected the SD card to always store photos/vidoes when I’m taking pictures or shooting with my Samsung Galaxy S7.

If the SD Card is your first option, to avoid data being overwritten, you should stop using the phone and remove the SD card off your device as soon as possible when you realize your files get lost.

Here are what you need to recover deleted files from SD card on android Phone:

  1. A computer/laptop (Windows or Mac OS)
  2. Download RePicvid freeware
  3. SD card reader/USB cable
If you’re using the internal storage to store files/pics/videos, some Android data recovery Apps may help you, like Gihosoft Android Data Recovery, Undeleter(root required), which reclaim that it can recover deleted messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. But this only works for those rooted android device to get access to the database or file system in android OS. What’s more, root won't guarantee the success of recovery if your data is overwritten since the deletion happens.

Then follow these steps to continue:

Step 1. Download and run RePicvid Free Photo Recovery on your Windows or Mac computer/laptop.

To get started, select one option for recovery - Photo/Graphic recovery, Video/DV recovery, Audio/Music recovery, All file recovery. Each module features in powerful functions that support various file types.

Step 2. Connect your SD card with a Card reader or a USB cable that came with your phone.

When your card connects to the computer successfully, RePicvid will detect it on the interface.

Step 3. Select and scan the SD card/disk drive where your photos/videos/files were deleted lost.

Choose the Samsung SD memory card, then click on the “Scan” button to continue. The scanning is a read-only process so it won’t do harm to sector of the deleted data.

Step 4. Preview and restore deleted photos/pictures from SD card.

After it finishes the scanning, you can preview the files then click on “Recover” button so that it exports the recovered files onto another storage media.

Others: Here are two Android Recycle Bin Apps you may like:

Dumpster works just like the recycle bin on your windows or mac desktop computer. Dumpster’s recovery ability is the perfect complementary cloud backup tool (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). Completely eliminating the need to constantly backup your data. Dumpster gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted content including images, vids, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and all common file types.

NEW - Save space on your phone! Backup and restore deleted data from the cloud, recover pictures videos apps and files directly from the cloud online. Your data is safe with us, easily backup and restore from the cloud to your phone with a tap.

No need to root your device and even Internet connection is absolutely not required!

This app implements a Recycle Bin (also know as Trash) for Android and works with most third party file explorers.

In order to send files to the Recycle Bin, select the file you wish to delete in your preferred file explorer, then
select "Recycle Bin" in the "Open With", "Share it" or "Send To" menus. When you send a file to the Recycle Bin (via "Send To", "Share it" or "Open With"), it is automatically moved to the recycle bin app folder.

You can configure a list of folders and file types that are automatically watched in order to send to the recycle bin if you delete one accidentally.