How To Spy Someone WhatsApp Using This Trick

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Dec 22, 2017

Just phones no PC...

1:Have both your phone and the phone u intend to spy on.
2:On your phone,open google chrome browser.
3:Tap on your chrome options and check the box marked: Request Desktop site
4:Type "WhatsApp web" on the search box, the browser should still be on desktop site mode
5:It should open the Whatsap web page the same way a PC opens the site
6:It will display a whatsapp QR code and ask you to scan it.

♻️Now take the target phone .

7:Open the target's whatsapp application.
8:On his/her whatsapp,go to options then whatsapp web
9:It will open the camera and display a QR code scanner.
10:Assuming you had not closed the whatsapp web desktop site on your phone and that the QR code is still displayed there,,use the TARGET phone to scan the QR code..

♻️ Upon a successful scan,boom! the target's whatsapp account should be displayed on your phone.

Now you can sneak back and return the target's phone to where you took it .

SUCCESS!! For the trick to work,the victims data must be on.

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