How To Start A Multi-vendor Business and Make Good Profit

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Mar 21, 2018
We have seen stores where people sellers displays only their own products for sales that's more common on the public space but there's another type of store where you make more profits. It's called the multi vendor store.

A multi vendor platform is an eCommerce website with multiple sellers selling multiple products under the same roof. The profits earned from this business is easier and higher than a traditional eCommerce business due to the following beneficial factors:

Minimal Investment

Sales vendors use this platform to sell their products and gain profits without much investment.

The eCommerce business owner doesn’t have to invest a dime for products or doesn’t have to own any products to sell on the multi vendor ecommerce platform.

Multiple product portfolio

With multi vendor platform, the products categories can raise to a wide variety of choice, brands, multiple sellers for a similar product. Just like a shopping mall, the customers can buy anything from A to Z under a common place.

Cost Effectiveness

It is like a money tree where you can get profit from all the sources whenever the vendors’ products got sold. Comparatively multi-vendor ecommerce software like Genstore, Totaljs and OSCommerce can provide you a cost effective solution with additional benefits like customization, support, and much more.


This business model is highly adaptable where multi-vendors are allowed to manage pricing, update product information, and handle business activities independently with their own seller dashboard. The platform owner should take of marketing and sales of the products and also responsible for dispute management, and website maintenance.

Hope you will start one today and start making some cool cash.