How You Can Bypass Tweakware VPN 150mb Daily Limit and Browse Unlimited

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Dec 22, 2017

* Fixed inability to connect on Etisalat 0.00kb tweak
* Fixed bug that causes connection to stop on every 95 - 100 MB on HTTP Mode<
* Updated built-in server list
* Up to 25+ Free Servers contains ads

More stable than previous versions because of more choices of free servers for users.

Meanwhile, note that on premium servers, there are no disturbing ads display and they are more optimized. So if Glo network is very good in your area, you can enjoy unlimited browsing with this version.


Download Tweakware v6.0 Here

Alternatively, you can download Tweakware V6 apk here

I will have to let you know that to achieve this, your phone must be rooted. Whether you are using a Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, iTel, Innjoo, Samsung, Xiaomi, or any other android device, it must be rooted first before you continue.

Once you have made sure your device is rooted, follow me along with below steps to bypass Tweakware daily 150mb allocation.

Step1: Download Device ID Changer App

Step2: Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and it will request for permission, just grant it root permission (you see why you must root your phone)

Step3: Now, start browsing and immediately you reach the tweakware daily limit using the free server, just disconnect the tweakware app and return back to the device id changer application you downloaded on step 1 above

Step4: I will advice you to backup your original android id (this is necessary in case your phone is still on warranty and you want to return it for any reason)

Step5: After backing up or noting down your android phone original ID, Now, it's time to generate a random ID you will use for tweakware. Just tap to random ID from the application.

Step6: Now that the random IP has been generated, you can now connect your tweakware vpn and enjoy the free servers again.


Anytime you use up the 150MB daily limit, what you will do is to just follow the above steps and the limit would be bypassed. Continue repeating the simple steps to enjoy the free servers unlimitedly.