[ICO] MOZO Controlling Foot Traffic $26 million already raised

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Jul 23, 2018
Hello community,

I am happy to present a new token called Mozo.

Yes. I was wondering why there's no Mozo token? I' ve read that there are already a few big investors backing up this project. Mozo has taken huge strides since this initial pilot launch. With already 38,000 venues committed to implementing Mozo ! This is impressive !

First, I quote the information in their site:

What does Mozo do?

Mozo is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase and control foot traffic at offline stores.

How does Mozo Work?

Mozo provides retailers and venue operators the ability to control and increase their foot traffic. By issuing Mozo Tokens as a reward for visiting, browsing (discovery), and purchasing, customers are incentivized to go where you direct them. Customers can accumulate Mozo Tokens and redeem them for deals, discounts, and promotions. Mozo Tokens are utility tokens operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This denotes value beyond Mozo’s reward application, permitting Mozo Tokens to be bought and traded on select coin exchanges. To learn more about Mozo and how it works, go here.

Does Mozo Work Now?

Yes, not only does Mozo already have industry leading sensor technology and mobile apps for both retailers and consumers, but all have been field tested with tremendous results at Wanda Group, China’s leading mall operator and 361 °, a leading Chinese athletic apparel and shoe retailer. Our Indoor Positioning Software (IPS) has unsurpassed accuracy within 1 square meter and 1 second response time. Our pilot with multiple 361° stores generated a 20% increase in in-store revenue and foot traffic. You can read more about our technology and field tests here.

What is a sensor beacon and why is it important?

A sensor beacon is an unobtrusive device that enables interaction and conversation with other devices, such as mobile phones. Our beacons utilize our world leading IPS (indoor positioning system) technology to interact with customers using our Mozo app. When customers visit a retail venue they can be rewarded with Mozo Tokens. When these customer discover items attached with one of our beacons, product details and information populates on their phone in addition to any rewards issued by the venue. These beacons allow customers to interact with stores and venues in a whole new way, allowing venues to increase foot traffic and control how they want customers to interact with their venue, products and services.

What are Mozo Tokens?

A Mozo Token is an ERC-20 utility token, operating on the Ethereum Blockchain network. Mozo Tokens will be used by stores and venue operators to reward customers who in turn will collect and redeem them for deals, discounts, and products. There will be a total supply cap of 5 billion Mozo Tokens, without any further issuance or creation of Mozo Tokens in the future.

Can Mozo Tokens be mined?

No, being an ERC-20 Ethereum token, Mozo Tokens are not mineable.

What is the total supply of Mozo Tokens? Is it capped?

There will be a total supply cap of 5 billion Mozo Tokens, without any further issuance or creation of Mozo Tokens in the future.

What are the applications for Mozo Tokens?

Mozo Token’s primary application is to serve as the foundation for Mozo’s rewards-based solution for retail venues to increase and control foot traffic. Mozo Tokens can be used as rewards and then redeemed at any participating retailer in the Mozo network. Beyond this purpose, Mozo Tokens can also be exchanged as gifts or bought and sold through selected exchange platform.

How can I earn Mozo Tokens?

Anyone will be able to buy Mozo Tokens through selected exchanges or receive them as a gift. Beyond that, Mozo Tokens can be distributed to customers through the following ways:

1. By visiting your venue or another location you’ve chosen.

2. By browsing and discovering products and services within your venue.

3. By purchasing products and services.

When and how many Mozo Tokens to grant as a reward is determined solely by the venue operator, allowing you significant control and influence over your customers.

How do Mozo Tokens work as a rewards program?

Beginning is as easy as downloading our app and purchasing the number of Mozo Tokens you’d like to buy. Soon after your purchase, Mozo Tokens will be transferred directly to your digital wallet and you can begin. By choosing how many Mozo Tokens to reward and when and where to reward them, store and venue operators can choose where they want their customers to go and how they interact with their products and services. By rewarding Mozo Tokens for visits, browsing, and purchases, customers are incentivized to go where you want them. Once enough Mozo Tokens have been accumulated, customers can redeem them for deals, discounts, and rewards.

Are Mozo Tokens related to Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Mozo Tokens are their own individual utility token separate from Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can only obtain Mozo Tokens through purchasing on selected coin exchanges or by interacting with partners within our ecosystem. Each Mozo Token is an ERC-20 type, so it is easily transferred on the Ethereum blockchain network, meaning you can purchase it with both Bitcoin or Ethereum currency.

Where can I store my Mozo Tokens?

Mozo Tokens are an ERC-20 token, so you can hold them in any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as Mist, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc. We will also support storage within our app on our own wallet slated to launch in the future.

How can I buy Mozo Tokens now?

Crowdsale Opening in 1 hour:
- 23th July 13:00 (Singapore Time)

Crowdsale Bonus:
- Best Deal - 20%: 50 ETH / 5 BTC or more in one transaction
- Popular - 10%: 1 ETH / 0.1 BTC or more in one transaction

MOZO Token is confirmed for listing on CoinRail, on the 8th of August 2018 (8/8/18):
- 코인레일 - 가장 앞선 암호화폐 거래소
- $31m of $42m hardcap already raised in private sale
- Versace will be accepting MOZO Tokens with the potential of 100 million users

Click this link to create your account and create your new lifestyle:
Mozo ICO

You will be given the very first 30 bonus tokens when signing up.

Yes. Like what you read . It is a good project !. Need help? Want more details? Please follow Mozo here:

Website: Disrupt Foot Traffic in Shopping Malls

Telegram: MOZO Token

Twitter: Mozo Token (@MozoToken) | Twitter

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Mozo-Token-2039854656295415/

Medium: Mozo Token – Medium

BitcoinTalk ANN: [CROWDSALE LIVE] [ANN][ICO] ✅LIVE in KOREA 8 AUG✅ MOZO | $31m raised!

Youtube: Mozo Token

Thank you for reading