KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM - ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE (Breakthrough Copywriting Secrets)

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Aug 13, 2019
KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM - ULTIMATE KKS BUNDLE (Breakthrough Copywriting Secrets)

Dear Copywriter, Marketer, or Business Owner,
A few years ago, after nearly two decades in the trenches as one of the top A-list copywriters in the country…
…after creating dozens of successful controls for the biggest direct marketing companies like Boardroom, Soundview, Agora, Healthy Directions, National Geographic, and many others…
…and after beating legendary copywriters like Parris Lampropoulus and the late Jim Rutz (and many other top copywriters whose names you’ve likely heard before) …
…I decided to do something my fellow A-listers thought was crazy.
I decided to start teaching…sharing…and revealing ALL of my smokin’ hot copywriting secrets, strategies, and systems for cranking out million-dollar control after million-dollar control.