Knowing the difference between Static Websites and Dynamic Websites

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Dec 22, 2017
Static website are those whose contents cannot be changed without the developer editing the source code. Where as in dynamic websites the site owner will be able to change the site contents from a admin dashboard without much technical knowledge or say with out needing the help of a developer.

Now answering to your point static website don’t have to be plain text and images. it can have youtube videos embedded via iframe etc and can have rss feeds as well. but the owner will not be able to change the site contents with out any technical knowledge and hence the site will be static.

Generally static websites will not be using any server side languages like PHP, Java etc. where as Dynamic websites will use server side languages. for example on of the most popular CMS to create dynamic website is Wordpress which uses its own database and is build with PHP.

Static websites means basic version of website which content, design, color etc. are remain fix till the web developer is not changed it.Advantages:

1) easy to develop.

2) Cost effective

3) includes just hyperlinks and fixed navigations.

5) Developing possible with basic HTML and CSS.


1) it will costlier if you keep it updating frequently.

2) Updating process is very much time consuming.

3) Don't give good user experience.

Dynamic website:

A dynamic web site is opposite static web site, here web pages not fixed as static web site, changes will be done according to clients by own ends.


1) User focused website

2) Big and highly functionalities

3) Easy to update

4) Quickly convertible to responsive

5) Excellent navigation

6) SEO friendly


1) For smaller firms Dynamic web site might be too expensive

2) Slightly longer initial development time

3) Hosting is expensive